Manga chapter 47. He appears in the second half of the chapter.

Panels count: 6 + 2 unclear

Synopsis of chapter: Shifters wait for sunset.
Scouts closes in.  Ymir rendez-vous with Crista.
The gang chases after the shifters
(who had kidnapped Eren and now, Crista)
"The Military Police again?"

“The Military Police again?”

It seems he’s made the right decision to join the Scouting Legion after all. MPs are not immune from facing the titans.

"Don't just stand there! After her!"

“Don’t just stand there! After her!”

Funny how everyone just stopped and dazed, and he literally yelled, “WTH you all doing?! Get moving! ”

“Quick and decisive” – that’s how some people on a board commented on that

Next chapter is #48, which means 4th anniversary for SnK.


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