kiss scene craze

It is most likely/definitely fan service from the anime producers. You know this scene will be the inspiration of countless pixiv drawings and stories. From the ‘troll face’, to vol. 6 preview omake, and now, the kiss of luck. Let’s take a look at what some creative minds have brought..
(I’m only showing a clip of the drawings, follow the links to view the whole thing)


もしもジャンに日常的にキス癖があったら by ちこ on pixiv
pix37618360shows how Jean would kiss almost ANYTHING, from notebook, to horse, to even, accidentally…Annie, with consequence.




ジャンがキスしたと聞いて【17話】 by まろ犬 on pixiv 
Judge: Mr. Kirstein. (As) This is an important matter regarding humanity’s survival. Please repeat, was your first kiss really given to a human girl?
Jean: It’s….(to) Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear…

(Those are only rough translation, but the general idea’s there.)

UPDATE EDIT: Mr. K. is in chapter 48.


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