Another month, another chapter. Mr. K. is here again this chapter. Look for him on pages 33 and above.

Panels count: at least 19

Synopsis of chapter: Mikasa, Armin, Jean and Connie 
caught up with the shifters. Mikasa's in Kill-Bill-mode. 
Jean recalls the the good times (not a flashback).  
Erwin orders the troops to lure the hoard of titans 
towards the shifters (Oh yes, our beloved 104ths are 
on those shifters as well! Total shit.. )

not the best time to be near Mikasa

why you're one a happy fella.L\not the best time to be near Mikasa . R/why he’s one a happy fella. He’s like saying, ‘here..kitty kitty kitty…come out now’

Funny how some of the characters are drawn off-shaped in this chapter – esp. Jean. This being one of them.

this reminds me of those elevator doors scene.

this reminds me of those elevator doors scene.

Yep, Jean is really attached to his peers, as shown in this conversation. One of the main reason he joined the SurvCorps is his concerns for his friends. He’s probably devastated to learn of the news so far, and maybe in denial of it.
“..how terrible you looked when you were asleep..at some point everyone started to look forward to your next masterpiece every morning…we’d even predict the weather of the day that way”
…oh Jean…you always got the best lines…

now what to do, chop or talk.

now what to do, chop or talk.

As they are chatting about what to do, over on the other side of the plain, Erwin is leading his troops towards the shifters+other 104th, while luring a swarm of titans….sigh…

titans alert!  bonne chance 皆さん!

titans alert! bonne chance 皆さん!

If you are reading this, I shall assume you have read the past chapters as well. So my thoughts and comments might reflect on those chapters.

I do hope they will survive, but the way it’s set up in this chapter, someone’s bound to die, right? Who would it be?
It can just be almost anyone (probably Mikasa and Armin excluded). Erwin is shown here as a cold (borderline ruthless) commander in my opinion.
Remember how Armin agrees with his overall plan back in chapter 2x, while Jean clearly shows objection to that?
So what really makes a good leader? – although clues (even the data book) do lead us to believe Jean would be a good leader, but then Erwin is also a leader, and he seems to be in the opposite mindset. Question remain debatable.
Back to survival guesses:
Mikasa, Armin: they are part of the main, not likely to die.
Jean: he did have his moments of character development, but signs do point to him succeeding in something. Is he considered a replaceable character? Armin is also a thinker, but that’s all there is common between those two. well of course I hope Isayama won’t pull a surprise by offing his favourite character. Also, he needs to be alive to give his thoughts on Erwin’s plan afterwards. ha ha…
Connie: he needs his answer to his village.
Crista: too soon either. she’s the answer to a whole lot of questions.
Ymir,Reiner,Bert: Is there a feeling that one of them might saving the non-shifters 104th, and in the process sacrifice themselves? um….
Hannes: people say death flags are all over him, but right now everyone looks to be on (near) equal chance of being munched.
It will be a let down if Bert is only putting up a show – sure hope he means it.

bla bla blahh…that’s all for now, might add more.


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