E17’s 4-koma, and…

Well the 4-コマ of episode 17 is out. A rough translation of it right here…
-gasps- Armin talks back!


Jean: Armin…I always thought you were a creep for always sticking to Eren like glue. But I knew you were a capable fella.
Armin: Er…thanks…but ‘creep’ is such bad way to put it…
Armin: With that…the same could be said about Reiner and Bert.!
Reiner: Eh?!
Armin: Also, isn’t Jean also a creep for constantly staring towards Mikasa?
Jean: Eh..!?

That’s all? Not yet. Those fake preview omake at the end of each volume – now that vol. 11 is out in JP. Guess what. 巨人兵団!

Original URL.

OMG…all hell broke loose..!!
That’s just one page of it. There are other pages, follow the link to those.


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