that’s a surprise…sort of

MBS has this kind of poll for every episode apparently. Audiences go and vote for the favourite/best scene of the episode that week – it’s a live vote, only during the episode’s broadcast (MBS schedule time).
I already expected the scene for episode 16 to be this (below).











But, I was kind of surprised by the result of episode 17. Wow, two in a row, really? I would have thought the ‘Reiner’s bursting out from titan’s grasp’ be selected. I guess, Jean does have a lot of fans in JP, and ‘different culture different taste’. But I think the anime does boost his popularity to all time high.
In case you’re wondering which scene is this:
“I know what needs to be done right now!”

EDIT: volume 11 is on sale in Japan. This is what a store has done. (and a reuse of old prop from the earlier Linked Horizon CD sale) Does that mean if you buy the books, you’ll be taking down the walls? 😮


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