started with Armin-relatedness

The scene vote thing, Armin got the scene this time for E18. One could comment about the possibility the votes being intended for the scene(s) immediately before this selected scene – I don’t think there’s a need to type out which scenes those were. Shoving that assumption aside, the scene of “Jean ponders who might have to stay behind” was also one of the scenes with high number of votes (indicated on the picture above).

BD/DVD volume 3

BD/DVD volume 3

The cover jacket of the upcoming BD/DVD volume 3 was revealed. I think it’s no surprise Armin will be featured on it. After all, he’s part of the main trio. The question now is, who’d be featured on the 4th volume? Will it be Levi? Jean? or Sasha? If it goes by official popularity poll, it’d be Levi, Sasha, then Jean. It’d be kind of fitting to be Jean though, as the discs will contain episodes 7 and 8. I hope they will go with the “cast credits” order then. 😛 We shall find out the answer by early next month. (the 2nd data book will also be released around that time! )

this seems totally out of character...somewhat

this seems totally out of character…somewhat (source: PASH! Sept. issue)

I guess this sums up who are the most popular guy characters on the (anime) show currently?


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