E23 + new cover

微笑み ~ストヘス区急襲①~
Smile -Raid at Stohess ①-

tsura Jean

He continues to bring laughs to the otherwise tense episodes

My network was lagging, and so I thought they’ve skipped this scene (although they did skipped a panel of the manga sort of)

Annie had a bad night. She intervenes when a ranked MP does some blows on Marlo (same MP squad as her). Armin and Eren wish to believe Annie being human-human. However Annie fails to prove that to them.

SCENE(S) COUNT (of Mr. K.):
1. in a stagecoach, with a wig on, posing as Eren

this is what someone will describe as being a "sleeping beauty"

this is what someone will describe as being a “sleeping beauty”

wonder who's her roommate

wonder who’s her roommate

looks familiar?

looks familiar?

Marlo(w), a blend of Marco, Eren, and Jean

Marlo(w), a blend of Marco, Eren, and Jean

(close to) rolling on floor laughing

(close to) rolling on floor laughing

one plays hard, the other plays soft

different roles

The anime gives a better character to Hitch. There some similarity to some character, as she is also the kind person who is “honest” about themselves. Heh…

...and she does not vanish

…and she does not vanish

Eren, or Levi?

Eren, or Levi?

In the manga, I thought Jean actually has his hair dyed black. Here, it’s clearly a wig as we can see Jean’s own hair slipping out from underneath. But I guess from afar, they do look a like. Now to see if someone will draw an Eren with Jean’s hair.
Eren badmouths Jean

Eren badmouths Jean

And so the “horse face” name is given here, by Eren.

too bad it's not the subway

too bad it’s not the subway

more Scouting Squad members to die

more Scouting Squad members about to die

Marco reappears, in a flashback

Marco reappears, in a flashback

So Marco did not die in vain!

being impulsive (again)

being impulsive (again)

that bottle on the floor in her room...

that bottle on the floor in her room…

see? an a-bomb

see? an a-bomb

"Marlo Freudenberg"

“Marlo Freudenberg”

A number of MP members are given surnames here (exception being Hitch)
"Dennis Aiblinger" "Hitch" "Boris Feulner"

“Dennis Aiblinger”
“Boris Feulner”

end card of episode
is this Eren or Levi?

again, is this Eren or Levi? I’d say it’s Levi..

Short Thoughts..
The first half of the episode feels a bit slow if you watch raw and happens to not know Japanese – because dun dun dun, a chunk of it is ani-ori material. So they did not expand on Jean’s role in this switcheroo. Not a problem, as the preview states he will have another (ani-ori) appearance in next episode (24)! Wow, will he make it into E25 as well? I sure hope so, but shall have to see how the pacing goes next week. The Annie laugh? That actually did not bother me much.
Oh, I see someone on pixiv had already drawn a partial behind-the-scene look of the plan.

身代り黒髪ジャンが!! by チロル on pixiv

ウマヅラ by 上州ねぎ on pixiv

P.E.: so if Jean had chosen to join the MP instead, the plan would become totally different because:
He and Annie might be assigned to different towns. Annie would have wondered why haven’t they asked Jean to help instead.
And of course, someone else will have to cosplay Eren…

preview 24

well hello ani-ori Jean again.

well hello ani-ori Jean again. After reading some comments on boards, this might actually be an expanded scene of when they (the corps) were making up the “capture Annie” plan.

to the right, Erwin and Levi

Why are guns being pointed at Erwin? Levi’s on the right.

up next he might appear in
24 – 100%, 25(END) – 50%

and the 4th cover features..
He does not get a solo cover, but he’s still the focus, and Marco and Connie both being closer friends to Jean anyways. Well done! According to the cast list on the official website, a guess for the next cover might be Annie, Sasha, and Christa – although that’s a weird combination.


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