sneak peek bd/dvd vol. 3 chimi-chara (Day 6)

Since I have no idea if:
1. Jean will make an appearance in the 4koma of E24 (to be released within 24hrs actually)
2. The video source will be found before this Saturday
Let’s have a look at some of the screenshots being distributed on the world wide web.

now where this book came from...

now where this book came from…

There are 3 episodes of the chimi- omake included with vol. 3 of the discs. Day 5 has Sasha’s premiere in this chimi series; Day 6 is about some adult magazine; Day 7 has Levi making an appearance, or debut in this omake series.

Jean's mom doesn't make an appearance

Jean’s mom doesn’t make an appearance

Such coincidence Day 6 has a similar topic as the fake-preview in vol. 6 of the manga. 😛

revenge for the headbutts, or, taking back their book

revenge for the headbutts

The above clearly are screenshots from Day 6. As for the other two episodes (and more on Day 6, I shall wait for the proper video…


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