bd/dvd vol.3 special 4koma

vol3spA good practice would be to delay this entry for later on in the week. But what the hey..
It seems they have included a new special 4koma story (not shown before online? ) in the vol.3 BD/DVD package.

Does this scene look familiar? That’s right. It’s sort of a parody to the episode 05 anime original scene.
The first two panels are just the dialogue from the episode (so I’ll just use the subs text from both ET and CR). The last two panels though, will have to settle for crappy translation. Here it goes.

colour codes: Eren Jean
Don’t give me your crap talk, you suicidal idiot!
I was to go to the Interior tomorrow!
Jean, calm down.

I’m supposed to stay calm and die?!
No! Don’t forget those three years of hell we endured!

Hah…!? [Friendship’s betrayed. Being humiliated in front of everyone. Failed to surpass in marks/results… The past 3 years had not been well.]

Uh….! Such bad luck! (It was the worst!)
It…It wasn’t really that bad…

Probably some mistake on the last line, but the general idea’s there. But wow…so knowing Eren had been his worst experience during the trainee years! LOL…and he saw Eren as a friend? Even if this isn’t canon, it still cements Jean as the poor guy of the story. 😛

the "What is it, Eren?" face

the “What is it, Eren?” face

Also included in the package, are pages of character design sketches. Marco, Connie, and Sasha are also included (not shown in this picture).

Ah…why aren’t these included with the 4th vol. set! Oh well..the text on the character design pages are too blurry – will have to wait for higher quality scans.


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