Hope this popularity transfers into something

maga_producerqaAn interview with the producer (木下哲哉 | Kinoshita Tetsuya) of the SnK anime. He stated his choice of MVP of the series is….? No surprise there, right? That plus the fact Isayama’s practically Jean’s “godfather” means Mr. K.’s has gotten a lot of special attention in the anime.

qD5HZlWSo they had this “Reading & Live” event recently in Japan – you know how popular seiyuu/VAs are over in Japan. They contributed a lot to some characters’ popularity. From what I’ve read on jp boards, a lot of Jean (and Armin) dialogues in it. Heh.. I hope I can get that official pamphlet of the event (shown in the second picture).

And this tweet from the official SnK account is just suspicious. What is Jean’s name doing there? Only know the rest says “That was really the best event!” – speaking about the Reading/Live event I think.

vaeventThey are having a vote on who will be the 4th character to have a figurine made. 2nd and 3rd are Eren and Armin. respectively. Oh yea, of course I do hope Jean makes it – even though each of those costs like 70 bucks. 😛

"他の五人はみんなキリッとした表情なのに一人だけコレだからな" - Yea yea...he gets the "special" treatment.

“他の五人はみんなキリッとした表情なのに一人だけコレだからな” – Yea yea…he gets the “special” treatment.

p.s. vol. 4 bd/dvd to be released in 3~4 days!

EDIT: another page shot of the event pamphlet (url to original source).

EDIT2: the ジャン in that tweet – it’s similar to how characters add strange words/sound at the end of sentences. (we see an example of this in bd/dvd vol. 4’s chimi omake)


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