more on bd/dvd v. 4

bd4sRemember that there were comments about how vol.4 cover features three characters instead of a solo? It seems for the inside cover, it’s still a solo. As we see in this picture, only Jean’s there. Vol.5 will probably be the same case, Sasha being in the centre, will also get the inside cover all to herself.

ost2cvAnd those two (Jean and Sasha), need I say more, are also featured on the OST 2 cover right beside the trio.
To be precise, the cover itself is a wraparound panoramic shot of the top10-1+Armin. Sasha, Mikasa, Eren, Armin and Jean (in order from left to right) are shown in the centre section of the shot. Manga readers might say he cover is some sort of spoiler – it sure is.

Episode 8 is the first episode where Jean shines. It’s also an episode with fast motion sequences – those 3DMG usage; and due to time constraint ( ? ) , we have been treated strange faces of our beloved characters. Here are just two selected comparisons (Jean related of course). For more BD vs. TV version comparisons, click on the picture for the original source.
8bd0What’s changed? The eyes and eyebrows are the most obvious. Some have commented they’ve made Jean more of a “horse face” (= lengthened face? ) Now this (below) still shot – they’ve filled it with additional shots of the characters, Reiner, Connie, Sasha, and Jean.8bd1a1381804871<- This? It's just part of the disc package, there's the hard plastic sleeve with the three guys, the "wall" flap, and then the "inside" flap. The flaps are shown in this picture.


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