raise your mug

Recently on some jp board, there was some chat about Jean having drinks and such. That reminds me of certain scene(s) in the anime (and manga) …
Is Jean having a beer here? By the looks of the cup (or mug), that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, in a manga scene (from chapter 3), the cup does look more like a beer mug to me.

I’d say that’s probably some minor censoring done in the anime – since, those characters are technically underage, say, 15? (although, in the story, I think they are being treated as adults anyways – just look at Eren’s trial)

* it’s also funny how in the anime, Jean was shown to be “depressed” while having that drink; while in manga, complete opposite.

** The header? That’s pure coincidence; I have always wondered whether they were having beer at the (beer) hall. XD….it makes sense though, everything Germanic? (…stereotyping..ah well..) Glad it’s not just me who thought of that. 😛
1100Oh…Mikasa wouldn’t offer those beer to Eren – as we learnt of Eren’s alcohol-intolerance in episode 11.


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