~7 days to go

One more week of waiting, then next chapter arrives! So I guess Jean’s injuries will be overlooked by most people since Erwin and Mikasa are also injured – with one losing an arm, and the other, well, it’s Mikasa; and let’s not forget someone important to Eren died last chapter.

that’s how Jean’s singing would sound like

0-00001Long story short, the same timeslot (25:58 Sat. MBS) SnK had from April to September is now taken up by the second season of a basketball anime called Kuroko no Basuke*. (note the “second season”, this anime had its first season last year, 25 episodes)

How is this Mr. K. related? 1. when one watches the OP, they will notice the song’s performed by a band “Granrodeo”, with Taniyama Kisho as the lyricist. Yep, “the person inside Jean” (“ジャンの中の人”) , as how they refer to CVs, is the vocalist and the lyricist of it. 2. episode 26, a character is also voiced by the same person; although it’s not as easy to notice, as one might be used to the emotional, hot-headed (or is it hot-blooded**) voice of Jean in SnK (trying not to use the word “loud” ).

* nope, I don’t follow the anime/manga, so no further comment on that.
** a search through wiki…damn..the word’s also used to describe horses temperament??

the unlikely scenerio

fc51-1Got bored, did some doodling. Excuse for the crap sketches.
This being a mashed up parody of the bedroom scene in chapter 34, and the vol. 7 fake preview at the back of vol. 6 where Jean yells the now famous line of “ババア!! ノックしろよ!”
note: those thoughts are Jean’s


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