a not so accurate comparison

The last official popularity vote was done at the end of last year. Since then a lot has happened in the manga, as well there was the anime premiere. One would wonder what might happen if a poll is done this year…
Before, someone has listed the number of pixiv artworks for each character of SnK. Levi clearly came first, follow by a (quite) distant second for Eren, then Mikasa, then, Armin, and Jean. On pixiv, one can also look at the number of views for a specific character related (art)works.

light yellow = Eren, yellow = Mikasa, blue = Jean.
Everyone has a drop over the time, but Eren and Mikasa have a more noticeable drop. In fact, since Jean’s drop has been relatively minor, his view count is starting to eclipse that of Mikasa’s.

Jean related works view counts

Jean related works view counts

Mikasa related works view counts

Mikasa related works view counts

The conclusion?
Using the # of artworks as an indicator, the top 5 will be, in order, Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean.
Using the view count #s, the order becomes, Levi, Eren, Jean, Mikasa, and Armin.
Levi’s not shown in the above charts? Don’t worry, his view counts is in the million club. 😛
Oh, and I did also look at other characters stats, but these five do have the highest numbers of all.

chapter 51, the long wait will soon be over – just 2~3 more days.


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