old squad, new squad

Included with the December issue of the BSMagazine are 3 sets of SnK postcards, and this pair… It’s the former and the new ( except for Ymir ) Levi squad!
Reminds me of the last page of chapter 51…

image courtesy of this source
In case one hasn’t noticed, the right side scene was on the cover of last month’s BSMag.

v12cvCover of volume 12 has been revealed – featuring Eren, Mikasa, Historia, and Ymir (at least I assume that titan is her). Armin got excluded in this scene because, well, he was with Jean.

Here’s the schedule: 12/9 chapter 52+CD, volume 12+ova ; 12/18 volume 6 discs, sketch book #2

I guess I’ll have to wait for #4 (of the sketch book)…why? not that it’s a mystery. #3 I think will have Armin on the cover. Or might have to buy both 3 and 4.

* one week to volume 5 of bd/dvd.


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