not figma, still want

These mini-figures keychains to come in Dec. 2013, and Jan. 2014. Both sets have Jean included – I believe it’s also his debut in theses kind of 3D goods. Since I won’t be in Japan for at least another year or so, I do hope these will be available online (even though the price will be jacked-up…). Even though they are of different characters designs from the anime/manga, it is still a cheaper alternative to the $60~70 1/8 sized figures.

This set (進撃の巨人スイング) comes out on Dec. 31, 2013 (speak about timing!) . The captions beside Jean and Sasha read “初立体化” (first 3D-rized). The list of 5: Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Sasha, Levi.
* poor Armin got excluded from this set?

Now this is one of those capsule toys. The set is based on the chimi-chara characters design. This is a 2nd series of the set (ちみキャラマスコット PART2). The first series included Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi. This time, the list includes: Eren, Levi (plain clothes), Jean, Sasha, and Connie. The Jean sample looks strange in this picture, not sure if it’s the hair, or maybe because it’s not coloured in.

lucky again

Compare these three characters’ status in chapter 50 vs. 51; in 50, Jean was in the worst shape of the three, he’s unconscious, some even thought he died, missing leg(s), etc. Mikasa was giving her “Eren-Mikasa pairing fans favourite” speech, and Erwin was alive and kicking ass, even with just one arm.
Now in 51, Erwin’s fainted, Mikasa’s in her worst look ever according to “critiques”, and Jean? He’s all too well.

From this we can conclude Isayama was really just doing Jean a huge favour by knocking him out with the projectile titan – and so to keep him from seeing the speech moment. (also if Jean was there, Mikasa might not have given the speech to Eren, which….)

What’s learned? 1. a character’s fate can never be determined until you see them either alive and safe, or their corpse (unless they’ve been eaten). 2. Jean is one heck of an unfortunate guy with the best possible luck. (thanks to Isayama)


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