comments on comments of chapter 51

Some comments on comments I’ve read online regarding certain scenes in chapter 51…
Some say Jean was bragging in this scene about how he saved Mikasa. That’s only HALF true. His so-called “brag” was a response to being (jokingly) called of having a “bad guy’s face” – it’s his example of why he’s not the “bad guy”.
In short, Connie and Armin started it. Jean wouldn’t have said that if no one’s brought it up.

Another comment about how Eren should just punch Jean in the face for saying that (“how dare you peeked at Mikasa”). From the way Eren reacted in this scene, he did not act like a “boyfriend”. I always find the way some hated Jean because they claim he’s meddling around the Eren/Mikasa relationship, absurd. How’s he in the wrong when there’s nothing started (officially) in between E and M? If there is really a bfgf relationship, Eren wouldn’t and shouldn’t react the way he did in this scene.
*I do not object to anything between E and M, but I don’t like it when it’s used as a reason to hate.


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