the other trio / that rescue scene in e13

bd6cvjvol. 6 cover

Looks like the chimi-chara special debuts really can be used to predict the next volume’s cover jacket feature character(s)…
Next time, volume 6: Annie, Bert., and Reiner. Will Levi’s seiyuu make a debut in the chimi special of volume 6? (the character’s already made an appearance in the vol 3 special)

Somehow I have a feeling Marco and Connie’s characters will never have their proper debut in these omake…since they were already on vol. 4 cover.

That screencap of the chimi special? I ain’t commenting on where that wooden sword’s being pointed at…

Some added scenes of E13
The conclusion to “Jean’s little adventure in his hometown” in E13 – there was the mysterious Annie close-up shot, as well as birds eyes view of the town. Now new scenes have been added. Let’s take a look.
Really a “bad guy’s face”…lol. He turns to see Marco flying in.
That’s a pretty high fall. He sure’s one tough built guy, with this and all the bad landings.
Annie says, “no, no food for you”

Oh, while rewatching that scene, I’ve noticed another one of Jean’s “ふざけんだよ!” ..that really is his catchphrase?




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