1st after trio

jravotesource: shingeki-jra.jp

I wanted to say the ordering on that page (shown in this picture) is completely random – except Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are listed right after another, therefore it’s not really random. Jean is in his “first (after the trio)” place once again. (I am not speaking about the number of votes, as I believe the system’s been rigged. At the time this screencap was taken, Hannes had 200+ million votes! ) Not really surprising, but still happy to see some sort of “proof” 😛 and finally they aren’t using that troll face shot of his. lol…
Now I think they should hold another official poll…it’s been a whole year since the last one was held.
No no no..this has nothing to do with Jean not being a horse!

you know your are obsessed when…(TTGL 4~8)
I’ve heard a lot of times how Jean is similar to a character in the anime TTGurren Lagann; things like how they look similar, similar personalities, and same seiyuu. I decide to check that out myself to see if they’re true…
*note: I’m not quite the fan of mecha-anime, and I haven’t seen this anime (TTGL) before. Wonder what was I doing back in 2007…

I am watching the show from episode 4 to 27, then 1 to 3. Oh, I did read about that character, so I do know their fate.

Armin and Jean...I mean, Yoko and Kittan (I ain't hinting anything)

アルミン and ジャン…I mean, ヨーコ and キタン (I’m not shipping anything, to reclarify)

080comments after ep4-8:
Jean maybe loud sometimes, but Kittan is very loud all the time. Both are rude on words. Kittan is much more hotheaded than Jean. Jean is “normal”. Kittan is more eccentric. One is cautious, the other fearless. Kamina-Kittan =/= Eren-Jean .
to continue next time…

I read about ep 4 having bad art, so pardon for that picture. I guess here’s the more proper one.

Yea yea…I’ve heard Oga, Armin, and Jean while watching the episodes.

7 DAYS (more of less) to 52!


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