E3.5 = OVA

The OVA based on the special chapter of “Ilse’s Diary” is bundled with special edition of vol. 12 manga. (As usual), a certain site’s given a good screencap overlook of the ova. Click on the picture above to visit.
* no, I do not make that page; but it’s a really good resource page, imo.

No, this is not Jean.

No, this is not Jean.

EDIT: raw’s out. but it’s one of those case where subs are necessary (unless your native language is Japanese), since they’ve added new material aside from the ones in chapter 18.5.

Being #12?
Results are in! These characters made the cut…
Not sure how the results were selected. I am just happy he made the list. lol.. Now to wait for Dec. 10 (I think?) for the video or whatever thing they’ll be doing with these selected characters; but it looks the seiyuu will have their role in it. 🙂

credits fail
omgepicfail25The credit roll of TTGL episode 25 (aka “epic episode”!) showing the Japanese voice cast. Then I noticed something…. How dare they!!


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