For those who have too much time

Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-20-53While reading the usual SnK 2chan news feed sites, I came across this game. Sure, it’s similar to an earlier web based SnK concept game, but the graphics are better, and you get to choose different characters (and unlock them). (and of course since I thought the game would include Jean as a selectable character…then I gotta give it a try, right? )
At the beginning, only Eren and Mikasa are available. Once you’ve reached a certain number of levels, new character will be unlocked, and they each has their special ability – which will be activated every time you get 5 titan kills. So far, I’ve only unlocked Jean and Annie. I think Levi is somewhere along, though not sure how many levels I’ll need…


As one can see, Armin is the narrator, or rather, he will give you a heads up on which class of titans is up ahead. Jean’s special power, apparently is “nakama-powah” (in memory of Marco) – you’ll get double kill count. Not bad at all.. The characters are drawn quite eye-pleasing in the game, and they’ve made Jean’s kill pose/move kinda cool looking… (not that I am complaining)

one can find the game by searching “進撃” in G___le Play store (I think it’s Android OS exclusive ..) (English version’s available, but the JP one’s more up to date), or “進撃のワイヤーアクション” in iT_n_s

And, Merry Christmas to all!


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