I accept this as the preview

v12backsketchInstead of the fake previews we usually get with each volume, this time in volume 12, the four extra pages are actually an extension of chapter 50.

But, they did include the initial sketch of a page in chapter 51 (picture here). c51vsv12back

Here is the actual page with the panels. Because this blog is obviously pro-Jean-biased, I must say it seems Jean’s rough sketch was drawn in more detail, comparably. (maybe Armin as well).

Screenshot_2013-12-28-01-42-01heichou it is.
After Annie, it is indeed Levi who’s added to the line of selectable characters. Just a brief note, his specialty is his speed, and his special combo is the “sonic hedgehog” spin – speedy kill! (makes me wonder if they made Jean’s character uses less gas on the 3DMG – that’d be a neat touch)
As for the screenshot, Jean’s at lv 9 / 10 ? Aside from him being __ _________ character, his character probably has the best special “combo” – best as in “useful” (aside from Levi’s). That’s why I’ve been using him to earn the levels – to unlock the Levi character.


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