here comes year of the horse

yearofjeankHappy New Year!!
Happy year of Jean!!!

It’s 2014, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s also the year of the horse. Horse’s been associated to Mr. Kirstein ever since that comment of Eren’s (about “horse face”). (Being SnK related) here’s hoping Jean will have a good year in the story – because as we know, a lot can happen in 12 chapters of SnK.
I should probably draw something, but that takes quite a bit of time, so here’s a really rough doodle of the concept.

Japanese have the tradition of mailing/giving new year greeting cards, and this year, if it’s SnK inspired, there probably is Jean and a horse on it…some samples of those

keychains or whatever
Those items I mentioned a month earlier, now we have a coloured version of them for previewing.
This chimi-chara version (above) does look more normal when coloured in. Now to get them somewhere…

gurren no yumiya @ kouhaku
Funny how I had to wake up early for work, and somehow got to catch the performance during breakfast – mind you, it was freaking 6am.
It wasn’t the whole song – it’s somewhere between the OP and the full version. Not sure who was doing this monologue during the interlude. (picture below)
Oh, one of the judges did the fist salute.

SAO gets a second season? That is really positive news for SnK fans as well, given the series’ popularity. Will be very happy if they make a surprise announcement within the April 2014 OVA. 😛 I’m not hasty, Spring 2015 is fine by me.


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