7th volume BD/DVD here it comes + v.8 cover

chimi7pvAhaha…that face of Jean, chimi style. Marco’s CV makes his debut this time in the chimi specials. That means Jean’s CV also makes a return. From the look of the initial screencaps, looks like one or two of those chimi episodes will have heavier focus on those two.
(also a reminder vol. 7 contains episodes 17, 18, and 19 of the anime – all great episodes especially for fans of certain character(s))
With all of the top 10 plus Armin and Ymir made their appearances in the chimi specials, it’s now a wild guess as to who will be featured in vol. 8 and 9’s specials.

Hop over to that blog for more screencaps from the episodes, the chimi specials, and pictures of the included bonus item.

bddvd8covEDIT: and Levi it is! (vol. 8 disc cover jacket). Fangirls squeal, fanboys..I.. don’t know. Notice the scene behind that wall – it’s now showing trees.
My guesses for vol. 9 cover: the main trio, Eren titan, or everyone.


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