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I was (having too much time) during last weekend, and decided to do a count of how much time has passed in the story since the first battle at Trost. Found a mistranslation in one of the online English versions, in chapter 34. It says “2 days” in English, but “12 hours” in the original Japanese version. Heh, no wonder…

Right, the result of the count? 1month 2weeks and 3days +/- 1day? as of chapter 53. How did I come up with that number? I’ll do a proper page of that later on (with pictures of course)…

Third official guide book cover
animationsidesnkHere it is – coming soon on Feb. 7. Levi and Eren on the cover, makes sense, since they accounted for like more than 2/3 of the fans, or is it 4/5, whatever. Can one tell the different style the characters are drawn compared to the manga? Hm…guess I’ll have one more thing to get when I visit the K_________ bookstore next month (planned), other than the 2nd volume of the anime illustration book.

That game again?
no sure why they were giving me that - have already maxed out his lv..

not sure why they were giving me that – have already maxed out his lv..

Oh yes, so they are having a poll on who will be the 7th to be added to the rosters of available characters (to choose from). Now they have the mid-way numbers:
At least we get the head designs of these characters. lol..Sasha’s in the lead, not that it’s a surprise. Who is number 7 though? Thomas? Hannes?

SnK movie
shingekiseyoSources (in Japanese) has it a movie trailer of it will be aired during the 1/24 episode of “金曜ロード SHOW!” on Nihon-TV (日本テレビ). Looking forward to it.
EDIT: seems like a false alarm, it’s only a collaboration CM with Subaru; but one can get an idea of how the titan will look like in the movie.


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