how many days?

This will be a rather long post; but it answers how I counted the time (on previous blog).

01day 0
Beginning the battle of Trost, which involves lots of new grads deaths, Eren “being eaten”, Jean showing his leadership trait, and Eren blocking the hole (in the wall) with a giant rock. (From this point on all dates/time will be in reference to the first day of the Trost battle i.e. one day after, two days after, etc.)

03day 0 (nighttime)
It’s shown to be dusk when the cleanup happened. This fire scene would be during the night after the battle. Eren is now in the MP’s custody.

043 days (since then battle of Trost)
So Eren’s been in a coma state for 3 days. Not sure if the court trial was on another day, will count it as one anyways.

054 days → 5 days
They went to the isolated HQ on the same date as the court trial. Hangi yapped for the whole night, that brought us from day 4 to day 5.

065 days
The two captured titans were killed. The same day, Erwin made the speech to the graduates. The 104th gang sans Annie joined the SL.

075 days → 1month 5days
A month has passed. We can assume the new recruits got their SL training during this.

081month 5days
The 57th expedition, began.

091month 5days
The keyword here is “this morning”. The 57th expedition ended within one day.

101month 6days
Morning arrived. Annie woke up.

111month 6days (at evening)
The sun set, after the day with Eren vs. Female titan.

121month 6days
Evening time. They had the meeting on the same day as the Eren vs. FT fight (at Stohess).

131month 6days *-12hr
Here’s where things get a bit tricky. “12 hours” before when the meeting took place.

141month 6days *+4hrs
16 hours after first sighting of titan. So we are at 4 hours after the “meeting time”. Yes, now it’s night time.

151month 6days *+8hrs
Very very late night, I would say, early morning. A side note, Eren/Mikasa/Armin/Hange/P.Nick/Levi left Hermiha District at “+5hrs”(chapter 39? )

161month 7days
Castle Utgard incident took place during the early morning hours. Now they were back on the walls, the sun had risen.

171month 7days
Here we are, 1month 7days. Eren got kidnapped. Then the so called “Clash of Titans” took place during the remainder of the day. That brought us to chapter 50.

c51071month 2weeks
Mentioned about the citizens stayed underground for a week.

c52061month 2weeks
The sun set. That’s the first night at the cabin. Now at chapter 52.

c53p051month 2wks 1day
Time files in chapter 53. First, Eren began the training/testing the day after chapter 52.
1month 2wks 2days
Eren slept for a day
c53p321month 2wks 2-3day
Special police raided the cabin. The day after, the squad walked the streets of Trost. Brainiac and horse got snatched.

Here we are at chapter 53. It’s now 1month 2weeks 3days since the start of the battle at Trost.

Some unofficial poll of “Favourite character amongst the 104th class” – therefore Levi is not on the list. Jean, Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Annie …. ? Can take the results with grain of salt, although, those characters got to have at least some significant popularity for them to be placed near the top. Interesting demographics data though…


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