Two canonized facts

There was an autograph signing event at Taiwan and Isayama was there to also answer some fans’ questions. Of the two that are now being widely circulated around the online world…


Q: Will Levi grow any taller?
Isayama: well, he is in his 30s…

It means he’s more than twice the 104th-s age. In fact, if he’s in his mid-30s, he will be old enough to be their dad! Huh//

That reads “Q: Please tell (us) one piece of Jean-related info/fact!
Isayama: (Jean) is a mazkon. (He) loves his mom.
” Wikipedia provides a better translation of what mazakon (マザコン) is. Basically, it means Jean’s a mama’s boy – keep in mind, that term has sort of different perception in Eastern cultures. I think it only means he’s attached to his mom. Oh Isayama sensei, you’ve just made him even more popular amongst his Japanese fandom…
^ slap or pat? I’d say slap. he gets busted.

CM parody
Browsing through pixiv, found this parody of the Subaru CM (the one with SnK theme); sort of a mock behind the scene thing. (Eren gets motion-sickness at the end…)
41361782_240mwドライブ A GO!GO! | クロブチ [pixiv]


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