more horse parody +v.9 cover

vol9covVolume 8 of the discs are out in Japan by the way. Where are those screencaps? It seems the author of that blog had been occupied with matters for the past few days and thus no new entries was posted. Good news is, they resumed blogging today; now the wait begins.
UPDATE: will be available tomorrow ; Ragyo Hitsugaya Edward Hanji debuts in this volume’s chimi special.

The cover for volume 9 BD/DVD has just been revealed. No surprise as the main trio makes the cover. đŸ˜› But let’s not forget the set will also include the “reading live” event disc.

Here’s a tally of characters featured on covers:
1-Eren, 2-Mikasa, 3-Armin, 4-Jean,Connie,Marco, 5-Sasha,Crista,Ymir, 6-Annie,Reiner,Bertholdt, 7-Hanji,Erwin, 8-Levi, 9-Eren,Armin,Mikasa ; where there are multiple characters listed, the one listed first is also featured on the inside cover, except for volume 9.

On to the other topic
But first, some background information:
There’s the batsu game where people are refrained from laughing at awkward/funny/hilarious moments, and failure to do so will result in a whacking on the ass.

…in the video, they teased that one of the participant/host resembles that toy gorilla. (I guess you’d have to watch the video to understand the joke below)
Now some clever artist (not me of course) drew up a parody of it in SnK theme.
horsejeanwhat it says?
horse: Jean my friend
Jean: ……
Connie/Eren/Reiner/Armin: Bwahaha / ahaha / hahaha
Jean: Damn you all…
Connie Jaeger Reiner Armin OUT

well technically, they should’ve used “Springer Jaeger Braun Arlert OUT”
If there’s a continuation to that comic, I think it would be Levi coming in to give them the whacking.

couldn’t find the original link to the picture (found on twitter), so credit of it goes to the artist shown on the top right of that image.
edit: here’s the twitter post.


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