more on the “reading live” event

readingliveWhile watching that PV of the event, I noticed the name captions for the characters each has a different background/motif.
I am guessing what are they; we have Eren – sword, Mikasa – gas tank of 3dmg, Armin – trigger from the 3dmg, Jean – horse (easiest to tell), Sasha – not sure..a hook? arrow?, Connie – cannon. Poor Jean, looks like the horse theme is pretty much set-in for him. 😛 I wonder what does each of those represent, since I only get what Jean’s means.

background story of Jean?
From the scripts of the event (being distributed online), the whole reading drama contains a lot of parts for Jean – specifically revealing his reason of joining the 104th trainee class. It’s noteworthy because we really know very little of the guy’s background and past. (even though Isayama has said Jean had an ordinary childhood)
Here’s a excerpt:

“Three years ago, when I decided to enlist into military training, everyone in Trost laughs at me – friends, acquaintances, everyone. They saw me as a joke. Saying how I must have been crazy to decide joining the military. No, that must be how most in the world think, simply going with the flow. ‘It’s true being a farmer’s backbreaking labour. Even though (we’ll) still be poor with all the hard work, but at least (we) won’t be titans food’, those people would say.
Don’t * with me. I’ll join the MP to “fight back”. I’ll become MP, and live peacefully, lavishly in the inner lands. I’ll become MP and say to those people, “Just you see.” Then I earned the qualification to become MP; without help from anyone, all accomplished by my own strength.
But I’ve chosen (to join) the Scouting Legion. Why… “

From this it’s noticeable Eren and Jean are similar. Although their goals are different, both of them are the rebellious kind. Both the guys have that fighting spirit flame inside them. (hmm…and I thought Eren’s reason to join the military was/is to avenge his mother…Jean’s reason…is really quite shounen-ish.) Of course I hope they can adapt the contents of the reading drama into an OVA episode.

anime original sketchwork book
Yes indeed, the third volume of the book features Armin on the cover. I can’t tell from the small image which episodes will be covered in this volume. I am hoping the 4th (next) volume will have at least episodes 12, 13, and 16 though. 😀

EDIT: covers ep. 8, 9, 10, 11. Out on Feb. 28.


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