chimi-chara 4koma SK TG edition

A SnK trading card game has a collaboration with the chimi chara series artist and released some 4-koma. There will be seven of these in total, and so far five have been released. (fifth one features Jean)

siegkrone4koma5 yosh! gonna attack (with?) this card!
shit…what to do…!?
dammit…! I lost!
yes..! first time I win against someone other than Mikasa!
Jean…Eren only won that time coz Mikasa helped…
shut up!!

This continues the trend of Eren unintentionally “bullies” Jean. Poor guy. 😛

a little more from script of live reading event
Always find any conversation/interaction between Armin and Jean amusing, and this excerpt from the event proves so once again. Interesting to note how someone’s taken a protector/o-nii-san role for Armin it seems (am not complaining)…

Yo, Armin, whatcha doing here? Why’re you sitting here? Someone bullied you?
Nah…am gazing stars.
Star gazing while sitting by the river looking blanked out?
Just as always, you’re still on with such creepy thing..


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