final discs volume (only for now hopefully)

the top 10 of 104th

the top 10 of 104th

This time last year, people were anticipating for an anime series to be premiered on April 6/7. Now volume 9 of the discs have been released. Waiting for some comparison pictures – maybe they’d fix that horseface scene of Jean coming down in FT in 24? (I think the chimi specials have been the things I look most forward to for each BD/DVD volume release.)
scaring the kids away

scaring the kids away

What we have in this volume’s chimi specials? the 104th are finally graduating. Erwin wants new recruits, and tries a change in image. Levi walks into a mouth (wth? ) .
More screencaps (of the included epsiodes and chibi specials) are available on that blog.
* will be doing a proper entry of the special later on, of course. weekend perhaps.

v13cvWhat’s with the tights
While applauding Isayama’s improved art on the volume 13 cover (of characters’ facial features? ). People on 2ch seem to have noticed some anatomy abnormalities – namely Armin and Jean’s legs – obvious when compared with Mikasa and Eren on the same cover. Maybe it’s the shading effect? not sure.
something's off..

can’t have it all
genga_4_jkIt would be perfect (in my opinion) if Jean gets this cover and they save Levi for the final volume cover instead. Oh well, this volume of the original artwork sketches covers episode 12 to 18 – pretty much most of the heavily-Jean-featured episodes (12,13,16,17,18); and that makes it a must buy for fans.

~very last scene in the chimi special~


14 thoughts on “final discs volume (only for now hopefully)

    1. Anonymous

      now the long wait for a second series.
      and looks like titan has a buffet in chimi ep. 25

  1. Railing Plebeian

    I noticed Armin’s wooden legs too. I also noticed that he’s changed the 3DMG boxes to hold 4 blades, like the anime. Unlike the anime however, he’s kept the box size small (i.e. more realistic).

  2. jesse2007

    The Manga is almost coming to an end right? Are they officially going to work on releasing new Attack On Titan?

    1. vofoj Post author

      it’s not even close to the end at all.. if according to author’s original projection, 20 volumes, then right now it’s only 2/3 of the way.
      for the anime, it’s still everyone’s guess.. I’m guessing spring 2015. (of course I hope I’m wrong and they release at Oct 2014. )

      1. zermaverick

        We’ll see their intentions when the 2nd ova is released. If they expand upon un-animated manga material, it’ll be a good sign for an early release.

    1. typed that

      2^ they can do what SAO did for their ova, put an announcement at the end.

      ^ comments are hard to find for these blogs…(unless it’s a general interest blog or similar). be lucky to have at least one comment for such niche topic. 😛

  3. Gabi

    The anime can go die. Nonetheless, the manga is in a really exciting stage at the moment. besides what’s coming in the anime isn’t gonna have much of our Jean at all.
    Also I dont mind Isayama’s art that much…..I can easily forgive poor mangaka artists if the stories are outstanding, for instance, Yoshihiro Togashi (hxh).

    1. blogger of this

      (re. the anime) look on the bright side: he’s only gone for 9 chapters after ch. 34.. and 9 chapters probably = 6~7 episodes since a lot of them are action packed chapters. (and then we all know how the anime producers manage to use every opportunity to squeeze in some screentime for Kirstein-san in anime original materials) .
      yes, I am being very optimistic. Lol.

      his current art is still a big improvement when compared with vol. 1 – e.g. the characters are more distinguishable.

    2. zermaverick

      After all the anime has done for Sir Kirchstein? The anime will probably have some scenes with Jean just to show the aftermath of the battle and so everybody knows what happening with the cast in Stohess. It’s pretty common storytelling and easy to randomly add. And oh yes, Jean’s classy suit begs for some thug to ruin it and start a brawl.


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