the OVA that’s to come

Have been reminded over and over again (by ? ) an OVA about the 104th class trainee days will be accompanying the release of volume 13 manga. Although so far, we were only given a very vague synopsis of “the 104th class training days”, and “another story”. More info is revealed in the latest May issue of ARIA magazine (the one that serializes the SnK spinoff series ‘Choice with No Regret’ )…


v13spcovFrom that excerpt, at least we know other than the main trio, Annie, Jean and Sasha should be in it. 🙂 and from that source blog entry, what of “Jean vs. Sasha” ? That should be interesting.
They also have the usual alternate special cover for the manga volume as was done previously for vol. 12. Levi having his tea…with a crutch.

Was looking for the hardcopy (scans) script of the live reading event…and found this other blog entry showing the characters design pages in the booklet of each anime discs volume.
As to why I was looking for that? Just wanted to confirm whether the “o-hoshi-sama” is a CV improvisation or an actual line in the script. (the previous Jean excerpt was from text, not scans)
Can’t find the scans yet, but from this sentence (see picture below) from someone’s reaction to the event back in October of last year. It seems to have confirmed the “o-hoshi-sama” name usage is canon. Rather using just “hoshi” (星), Jean used “o-hoshi-sama” (お星さま)…funny and interesting.
EDIT: actually that post seems to mention that Jean’s CV did in fact put in quite a bit of improvisations (not the ohoshi-sama one, that’s in the script). Will get to those in future entries, if I remember to do so.

rough translation:  "only when that's said once more did I turn to the script; confirming yes 'o-hoshi-sama' it is indeed.  thank you so much."

rough translation:
“only when that’s said once more did I turn to the script; confirming yes ‘o-hoshi-sama’ it is indeed. thank you so much.”


3 thoughts on “the OVA that’s to come

    1. vofoj

      that sentence, Armin, Annie, then Jean and Sasha.


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