cover of 2nd OVA/D

(over at amazon japan) they’ve updated/added the cover image of the 2nd OAD that’s coming next week.
cover_oad_13Someone over at 2ch did a zoom-in. Even without the zooming, we can see Jean in the centre. With the zoom, I can see what looks to be Connie the right, and Sasha to the left. The (sub)title is a bit too blurry to read…”突然の来訪者” ??
EDIT: now have a confirmation, 1. based on commenter provided link to a better quality image..2. the amazon jp page has added additional images)

random bit: Eren’s birthday is March 30, Annie’s birthday is 8 days before that (3.22), and Jean’s is 8 days after (4.07); which gives me an idea…

UPDATE: a summary of the story is posted on another store’s website (also confirming the cast):

付録DVDには、完全新作アニメ1話分! 故郷に戻ったジャンを見舞った悪夢とは…!?  849年。第104期訓練兵団は、ピクシス司令も視察する巨人の襲撃想定訓練に参加するため、トロスト区に駐留していた。久しぶりに故郷に戻ったジャンは、アルミン、アニと訓練に臨むが、サシャ、コニー、ライナーの班と衝突してしまう。居合わせたピクシスがその仲裁を買って出るが、思いもよらぬ彼の提案から、空前絶後の対決が始まることに……。

v6endpvFor some reason, the subtitle of the OVA, “A sudden visitor”, reminds me of that “mam” in the fake preview at the end of volume 6 manga.
Now that I have a chance to check on the image, it is nearly identical to the tag line shown in that fake preview !

* that special v.13 cover featuring Levi, is to be included with upcoming “weekly shounen magazine”, according to 2ch sources, and not the actual volume 13 itself (…?)


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