too “important” to be posted few days later?

Two things to cover in this unscheduled post.
1. preview screenshots of the upcoming OVA
2. covers confusion – clarification

preview screenshots of the upcoming OVA
Picture (secondary) source from reddit.
ova2scsLet’s just go over the captions. They are really blurry, but one can sort of figure out what some of them says. (order from left to right, and top to bottom)
1. Jean’s drawing with concentration… (“someone” )
2. Jean yells. Who has barged in!?
3. [C-grade trans.] Jean’s version of opening. High praise from Shimono (-san, the CV of Connie)
4. (They) went to Jean’s hometown during one part of the training. Everyone.. (can’t read)
5. [F-grade trans.] Connie’s riding (what? ) horse . (? )
[C-grade trans.] Connie’s following suit (of what/whom?). (laughs)
6. [F-grade trans.] What’s with Pixis giving orders with such expression?
Okay, so Jean is an artist, maybe he’s a writer too, with all those imaginative names and terms for people and objects! Did they just make the fake preview canon? Welcome Mrs. Kirstein?

covers confusion – clarification

What’s with all those volume 13 covers? To sum up, someone has made a picture to clear things up. (source from 2ch shingeki anime thread)
The one on the left is the regular cover. In the middle is the Levi drawn by Isayama (“manga” version); it’s to come with upcoming bessastu shounen magazine (別冊少年マガジン). One to the right, is the anime version of Levi, to come with weekly shounen magazine (週刊少年マガジン). (and Levi’s leaning on back of a chair, not on a crutch.)

EDIT: ah, 2 anime movies covering anime episodes 1~25. will they do an order rearrangement? add back skipped scenes from the manga?


3 thoughts on “too “important” to be posted few days later?

    1. vofoj

      that was a really bad translation.. lol.. Had it fixed it.
      it actually uses a phrase “尻馬に乗る”, meaning to “follow suit (blindly)”.
      so the whole sentence roughly means “Connie’s (blindly) following (someone’s) lead. (laughs)”

  1. Gabi

    Almost died when I saw this. I’m truly excited about OVA like I will never be about the anime. My love for this kid surpased the fact that the OVA has (perhaps, probably) nothing to do the manga.


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