after-words + manga extras (C51′)

A number of things related to the 2nd OVD, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, some extra scenes of chapter 51 from volume 13 manga.

I am sure fans of titan shifters characters are disappointed. Oh well, can’t please everyone, and I am happy for various reasons. *6 additional panels appearances.

people thinks she's crazy

people thinks she’s crazy

standard Jean's reaction to anything creepy

standard Jean’s reaction to anything creepy

not quite the "megami" huh..

not quite the “megami” huh..

The extra pages are really an extension of chapter 51; if you’re reading the chapter for the first time, you would not have noticed these pages are added extras. Unlike the ones in volume 12, these do blend in with the original chapter released with the monthly magazine.
We actually get some new info in these pages. But as always, more questions are being thrown at readers.

over at the back
The 2nd OVA has a modified OP in which Jean stands-in for a lot of Eren’s scenes. So if Eren had a close-up, it becomes Jean. So what if the scene had Jean AND Eren?
ov2opaJean version of OP
ov2opboriginal version
By logic, of course, Eren will be in where Jean was in the original version of OP (as noted in the above screenshots). I didn’t notice that at first coz the focus was to the front. Just to be clear, that shot includes: Mikasa, Eren, Jean, Connie, Armin, Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner.

what about the ED?
Commented on how the anime staff could have done a modified ED as well. Some person on pixiv drew a scenrio/storyboard of a Jean version of the ED. While not quite what I have imagined, but still interesting…

name confirmed, “Jean-bo”

Apparently there’s a difference between ジャンボ (Jean-bo) and ジャン坊 (Jean-bou). Someone asked for clarification on twitter: and the answer is Jean-bo. Hm…don’t get the difference though. I thought it’s kinda similar to using -chan for boys. Let’s look at what this weblio website says:
jeanboJean-ny ? lil Jean? lol..
EDIT: read some comments on forums about how people hated Jean for the rudeness he displayed on this OVA. Do they not realize this is also the same as what Eren was when he was younger? Should Jean be nicer to his mom? Yes, but it’s also a phase, they are in their teenage years, “biologically” they are rebellious! It’s also obvious Jean dislikes his mom’s over-mothering being shown in front of his peers. Why? I think everyone knows. Lastly, as stated numerous time, this is pre-Trost-battle Jean. The Jean readers came to love is the one that has underwent “character development”; and that is post-Trost battle.


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