“…I choose you… ” ?

Continue with something about the 2nd OVA…
Remember that scene where Jean has all those overly exaggerated movements and such? This picture might gets your memories refreshed.
So what about it? As usual, creative minds bring us the following:
right eight…I am sure someone will say a horse will come out afterwards.

source digging
It’s that time of the month where we wait for another new chapter to arrive. Good time actually to do some confirmation source digging. First, still with that “hoshi-sama” thing – found scans of the event booklet. “おう、お星さまの..”
Next, “Kirstein” vs. “Kirschtein”. I am sure many will say the official Kodansha translation has it confirmed as “Kirstein”. However, more confirmation from media from official Japanese event, “attack on taikon”.
And yes, have already updated the character profile subpages.


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