slow news days

Have been quite busy, plus the fact the news’ been slow lately as well. What to do? Browse through some 2ch pieces, browse through tweets images, pixiv, etc.
The online SnK game had released a new “scenario”. This time, it’s about the Levi squad – not the new squad, the former one. From it, we know that the four of them were of the same class (year), and as mentioned by Petra, Eld was the top of his class.
Not sure how that can relate or apply to the current Levi squad, probably can’t. Can we see Mikasa being the leader? Not quite, in my opinion…In terms of kills, she’d be more similar to Oluo.


Armin’s wig
What does a shaved head Armin look like? In the 3rd anime artworks book, we see this (below).
Might look like Connie, but really, Connie has some sort of “M” shape on his forward.

with every volume
Got used to reading the chapter monthly, and so didn’t notice the the last pages of some chapters are supposed to be textless – such as this of chapter 51. (in the magazine, there’d be cliffhanger lines and such)

Someone drew up Jean at different ages?..Now that is assuming he’ll live to senior years. Interesting nonetheless. I guess we can add the OVAs toddler and kid Jean to the bottom of that.

Next week will be around the time for new chapter.


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