past month of Jea…..April

The SnK series keep on getting all kinds of collaboration with co. and org. that has really nothing to do with the story…
The latest features Jean in this what I think is a career/jobs-related website. Funny how they’ve incorporated Jean’s famous line of “Now, what’s to be done?” into that description…a “cram school teacher” ?…

Didn’t really pay attention to that parody 4koma series, and so I actually missed out on a chapter which has the play on the horse joke.
jeanhorse4koma1I think a number of SnK followers have seen this before. (if you go to that website, they also have the English translation)
edit: the website version only shows the newest chapter, the apps version has all the chapters…

It’s my first time riding a horse. How bout you Crista?
Many times. I am good with horses.
Eh…is that so..
I don’t get along with horses…
You just looked at me didn’t you!?

Considering this was released around the timing of Jean’s birthday, I’d say the horse theme is very likely to be intentional. lol. I think the Jean in this different realm might know the horse joke. (not a joke in his opinion of course)

The 2ch thread that I was following broke down about a month ago. Just yesterday, I found the resurrected thread again. Woohoo I guess. (Need some _________ related fixes.)


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