Why should/will he not leave (+ etc)

57-bWhat will he do if he leaves? Initially he did join the military hoping to get into MP and thus getting a better life within the inner walls; but he can’t join ANYthing else now because his name should already be listed under SL. So even if he leaves the team, he will have to go into hiding – there is no real advantage for him to leave other than to survive (for a short while..).
However when he does decide to stay, it won’t be because he trusts the heichou, but because he values his friends more than almost everything. I don’t think he could stand leaving his friends to face to crisis themselves (ref. chapter 18). Plus he could endanger his family if he goes back to Trost.
Connie has no family to return to; I think it’s safe to say he won’t be leaving the squad. Sasha is the one who actually has options. Her family are hunters, and probably lives as nomads.

Somewhere a person’s written about how Erwin, under custody in Stohess, may come in contact with some MPs. Marlo, Hitch and others are/were stationed in Stohess – maybe one of them will join into the coup?

too bad this is not an OVA..

無敗無勝 by クロブチ 2014/05/08 on pixiv

by クロブチ 2014/05/08 on pixiv

Nice to see these kind of scenarios being drawn. I think this was inspired by the 2nd OVD (Jean, Armin and Annie in a team). The fact that both Jean and Annie were regarded by most in their class as “unapproachable” (for different reasons), makes the situation probable; and it doesn’t contradict much to what’s in the canon.
It would make for a nice OVA in my opinion – it does illustrate the training of 104th class.
summary: Trainees are asked to pair up for another simulation training. Jean wants to partner with Marco, but Marco’s too popular amongst people. (so he gives up) With no one else to team up with, Jean and Annie end up as a pair. (yea…it’ll be Jean/Annie vs. Mikasa/Eren) Which teams come out on top..?

now that’s appeared in the manga..
..They have put this into new SP addition for the SnK online game. “Eren: He looks absolutely nothing like me…!” At least he didn’t call him horseface again this time; and now we know how they’ll look when that part of the story’s animated.


4 thoughts on “Why should/will he not leave (+ etc)

  1. Gabriela

    Hey! My favorite thing from this blog post it’s the “etc” part.
    Also 2 question for you, dear admin-san:
    1. Do you think Jean is the antagonist in this story? (If not, who?people say titan, but the thing is the antagonist, is personifed in one person blahblahblah(and as far as the definition goes, that position should be occupied by certain character well known by this blog.))
    2. why haven’t you done a Jean’s characterization I mean at least a psicological one. This blog post makes me believe you have Jean character defined as good as Isayama has.

    That’s all, Keep the good work!

    1. vofoj

      1. I think we have passed the mid-way point of the story…It’d be strange if Isayama decide to make Jean the antagonist at this point. The only possible way would be for him to have some sort of connection with the antagonist..But then, Jean has put himself in so much danger already – it just wouldn’t make sense if he’s “the” antagonist; I mean, why go through such risks? 😛 So I am still firm on him being the normal, narrative role, “good” guy. As for who’s the antagonist, so far the manga suggests: the “king”?
      2. Way too busy in life..that’s why you see this “reporting” kind of a blog. lol….

  2. Maria

    Yeah, I agree with what you said, however, I still think this kids should just disband. I cannot shake off the feeling they are being used by Erwin for his agendas and have found themselves in a mess they shouldn’t be a part of. Taking advantage of their camaraderie, convincing them that this is ‘their’ fight and having them end up in a situation where there really is no way back – is a masterpiece of a callous, manipulative, charismatic mastermind.

    Maybe they could run away to some village and live under aliases? Still beats being hanged a traitor (which what they technically are, at least until they succeed in coup d’etat) 🙂

    1. vofoj

      It would make for a good surprise, as Armin seems to agree with the plan; so if they are really being used by Erwin for his/ agenda, that means Armin’s “wrong” for once? 😮 Although…if Armin’s okay with the agenda, he’s likely also okay to be “used by Erwin”.

      But as I’ve said in the entry, the 104ths have already no way back – if the MPs do a search of documents/records, they can really well track down those kids – especially Jean.
      Maybe they should stay together, but go into hiding for a while (we weren’t told in this chapter whether Hanji’s in Trost or Stohess + I don’t think Levi will be free to give commands to the kids – they are on their own -> makes for an interesting chapter 58). Then again, Eren and Historia are still kidnapped….so they will have to do something about that anyways.


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