would have thought it’s still April

snkradiocdThey have the radio show in Japan (since last year), where the seiyuu of Eren and Connie host; and each episode has a/some special guests(s), usually seiyuu of other characters, or anyone SnK anime related – yes, Revo of LinkedHorizon included. So they have the 3rd and 4th CD, and here’s the cover of the 3rd one. Kinda of funny seeing them with headphones; and why is Jean’s cloak all weird? Not sure why’s he in the center, probably coz the CD includes the episode where Taniyama Kisho was the guest (you can find clips of that on YT apparently – the keywords can easily be figured out…).

horse face Eren
Remember that promo picture of the SnK online game from the previous blog entry? They released the complete version of it…I’ve seen people posted the Armistoria on reddit, haven’t yet seen this one. There you have it. Now that they’ve made this, I wonder if they’ll redo some character design style sheets for future second season as well. (hint: anime and manga differences)

the rare occurrence
As reported by people on 2ch, this month’s issue of PASH! has a feature on Jean. Now that’s a first, since most of the SnK related stuff they had were mostly of Levi and Eren. (Well, I know they are (way) popular than Jean, or…-see next section- )
EDIT: link to one (or only) page.

forever runner-up
animage6The annual Animage ranking. Levi takes male #1. Mikasa is female #2. Eren is somewhere in the top 10. Sasha, Annie, and Hange all made the top 50. That is all. 🙂
I believe Jean suffers from “first past the post” phenomenon. (I think) He is popular…just that he isn’t most people’s #1. He’d probably score higher if 2nd, 3rd place are considered?

Someone had commented about Jean looking like some sort of mafia with that black hat and stuff; and even some jokes about how he can dress-up as Kenny. ..

really?! Kenny?

really?! Kenny?


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