just a street name

kirsteinstrasseSomeone posted this on 2ch. (Of course) there really is a street with the name “Kirstein” in Germany (as it is a real name). One such example being in the Berlin area. There are probably others as well such as this in Mainz, near Frankfurt. There is a street named with the surname of SnK’s main character by the way; and also “Brause” EDIT: and a reader has confirmed that is NOT a real name, etc.. (Couldn’t find a Kirschteinstraße (yet) But then I know some do prefer the Kirschtein spelling…) Any Germans care to help with the real spelling?

not sure about the eyes
Flipped through some pages of volume 13; came upon this page. They do look kinda similar, but they definitely do not have the same eyes…Eren’s look angry (not really intimidating or thug-like), Jean’s do look more thug-like (refer to latest chapter 57). Did try to do a copy-and-paste of Eren’s eyes onto that scene on the right; didn’t look quite right. I guess we have to remember one’s face really is longer? 😐 ; the left is Eren, and the right is Jean, btw.

what can I say, “poor Jean” once more?

進撃OAD~ジャンver残酷な世界ED~ by 犬吉カイ  on pixiv

進撃OAD~ジャンver残酷な世界ED~ by 犬吉カイ on pixiv

Yet another parody of the 2nd OAD ending theme. This one has a bit more detail (more frames/scenes). lol….Mikasa really does not like Jean….I wonder if she at least treats him as a normal friend.
* forgot to add, but it does fit the ending theme song’s title —


5 thoughts on “just a street name

  1. Titania

    Hi, I am german =)

    So, yeah. Brause is not a name. Brause is a candy, something like soda. Like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2dZreUcQnXg/UC7z1QQ1uiI/AAAAAAAACog/ixXYCYsJXho/s1600/339_1.jpg

    About Jeans Name:
    It’s officially “Kirstein” which is a real name. You can find the official spelling on some scans. “Kirschtein” is grammatically wrong. In Germany you must not write “scht” you have to write “st”. “Kirschstein” is a possibility but srsly never heard of that, even it’s a real name xD.

    If you have further questions, just contact me on my blog
    -> http://www.fluegel-der-freiheit.blogspot.de/p/kontakt.html


  2. Gabriela

    Are Eren and Jean’s color eyes similar? the fandom seems confused about this issue. I’m personally quite concerned. Those two don’t look alike at all, at least phisically (their personalities is another story).

    1. vofoj

      that’s just according to what Armin said back in chapter 31. although I think the wording is more like “both of you have same vicious look in your eyes”…so, not similar in terms of colors and stuff. …Armin just wanted to see Jean dressup as Eren.

      (eye colors, Eren’s only teal colored in anime iirc..)


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