damn…this will be an even tougher month

58-00bIt will be a bit ironic if this blog’s 100th entry coincides with something significant happened to Jean. -in deep worrying mode-
Poor Jean, in chapter 50 (end of vol. 13), he was knocked unconscious, and now in chapter 58, from the looks of early leaks…yep, this will be a very long month to chapter 59.

(technically this is the 100th, but this will also be removed when the actual entry arrives) EDIT: so I heard that all scans will only be available on the 8/9th this time. The plus side to that, only four weeks of wait til chapter 59, as opposed to the five weeks we had for 58.
Amidst all these angst regarding chapter 58 and/or Jean’s fate, we tend to forget about other SnK related stuff, such as the 5th volume of the anime sketch work book – cover was revealed, on June 3rd.


12 thoughts on “damn…this will be an even tougher month

  1. Detective Mask

    This really is the downside to being an Attack on Titan fan. If its monthly release doesn’t already give so much suspense, every character in the series actually has a very high chance of getting killed (unlike other mainstream shonen series). This is part of the reason why I initially avoided this series.

    I already began to accept the idea that Jean could actually die, but it would really sadden me if he died this early already. Like you said in the previous comment, he is a refreshing character because of his “normal” qualities. Heck, I’ve already began to identify with him more instead of Eren. If Jean dies, this could bring me back to the depressed state I felt when Light Yagami died, and I seriously don’t want that again.

    Well, let’s just hope for the best.

    1. vofoj

      If he’s to die, I rather it’s done like chapter 50 – with confirmation in the same chapter (not the grotesque of guts spilling out of course.. ). This can very much be Isayama using this Jean close-call as a cliffhanger for vol. 14. (yes, I already assume he dies. better to get a good surprise than a bad surprise in chapter 59 <- by assuming he lives)

      p.s. though Light died at the end. SnK is still far from the end..so..yea, too soon for Jean’s death (if one’s planned for him in the story).

      1. Detective Mask

        I sure hope it’s the case. I’m a bit worried, though, that Isayama might actually experiment with something new here. Yeah, this is really starting to freak me out.

        The difference between the event I mentioned in the past comment and the one we have now involving Jean is that the latter event involves just one of the supporting characters, whereas the former involved the main character of its respective show. So that’s why I really fear for Jean’s life much more than the trio of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

        It does feel too early to just kill Jean off because he’s supposed to be the natural leader of the group. And whenever I think about how Jean was popular enough to get his own OVA over the other characters, I just feel that it just wouldn’t make sense if he’s killed right now. But again, stranger things have happened in SnK.

  2. vofoj

    @Det. Mask
    I actually had that thought in my head as well; but I just keep telling myself “positive thoughts x oo ” ..coz I know that will bother me for like 4~5 weeks at least (at least = we aren’t sure if the story will proceed with the same setting/scene, or if it’d change to say..Eren/Historia, or RMY.. )

    He’s probably the “main” of the supporting characters. (and in my biased words, more development potential than Sasha and Connie)

    Regarding OAD and popularity, there’s always the joke/rumour that he’s likely a favourite of the anime staffs (then he’s also story material, especially for a lighter mood episode ). On the other hand, there’s never been a figurine released for him either. (main trio, Levi, Erwin and Hange, all have/will have )

    1. vofoj

      positive thoughts missy, positive thoughts… 🙂
      (even though Jean’s not known for having positive thoughts either)

  3. Gabriela

    Guys while I’m trying to get through these feeling of confusion and anxiety, I found a interesting analysis of Jean on tumblr: http://bit.ly/1mZlbvC
    In middle of this chaos, It was quite reassuring to understand the importance of Jean as character. So yes , I got faith (still hella scared though).

    1. vofoj

      Two things together makes this situation extra “angsty”: that ominous panel + the fact that scene ended as a cliffhanger and so we have to wait anther month.

      re the analysis: Jean is a the grand “plot device” (not sure if that’s the best word to describe), or in some ways, the “glue” of the 104th = irreplaceable role.

  4. Detective Mask

    I got to see the full page containing the event that we discussed here. What I seem to notice is that Armin, who’s the driver in the carriage, is not holding the rope for driving the horse with his right hand. Instead, he seems to be using it to get something near his chest. And then, as I compare Armin’s expression to Sasha’s and Connie’s, Armin looks less shocked and more like he’s about to do something drastic.

    So here’s my guess, and you can put spoiler tags in here since I don’t know how to do it. I’m guessing that Armin pulled a gun and shot the guy who was going to shoot Jean. The fedora hat may have just fell as a result of the guy’s body falling down violently on the carriage. Jean remains unharmed, probably with the guy’s blood around him, and might gain some insight over this.

    At least this theory is giving me some hope.

    1. vofoj

      🙂 no need for spoiler tag since you did note it’s a “guess”. good guess nonetheless. I think it’s too obvious if Mikasa does the save, so I agree with you that Armin might be the one; and with the way his characters’ shaped up in recent chapters, it is very probable.

  5. Maria

    Yeah, Jean’s total disintegration; he completely loses it. Those facial expressions…I have never seen him so distressed and freaked out before.

    I have ranted about the topic just a couple of days ago here (foreshadowing?):
    but I’ll say it again: Jean is no killer. In a way, even if that had cost him his life, I am glad he did not pull the trigger since who knows what would have become of him later on in that case. I believe his personality might have collapsed entirely and that just would not be the same Jean.

    Ok, so he could have incapacitated the enemy in a dozen of ways but everything happened so suddenly, plus he was in an obvious denial unwilling to accept that actual harming of another
    human being would be expected form him, also I believe what really blocked him was the fact that his attacker was a woman. Remember, he is a ‘mommas’ boy raised in a good family in a safe town who up until recently thought he had it all figured out and that only easy life awaited ahead.

    In a weird way, I think he was actually prepared to die if that meant not killing somebody else.

    I too hope that Armin noticed Jean’s unfitness for the task Levi had given him and reacted in time. I believe Isayama has a lot more emotional turmoil to put Jean through, for better or for worse.

    1. vofoj

      I’m copying your comment onto the actual chapter 58 entry’s comment section. 😛


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