58-00aThis month’s chapter, brings ache really – nope, it’s not because of the obvious scene as being revealed in early image leaks, but rather Jean’s partial mental breakdown. Poor guy… sigh…okay onto the chapter.

1 month 2 weeks and 6 days
, since the start of the battle at Trost – no change from last month’s chapter

(Mr. K.) Panels count: 30+

Synopsis of chapter: Levi dodges shots from Kenny.  He crashes into a pub; manages to buy sometime by temporary incapacitating Kenny.  New Levi squad is ordered to retreat.  During the chaos, Mikasa knocks down an enemy onto a cart.  Jean, holding a rifle, gets counter-ed; the enemy holds a gun at Jean. BAN! (Historia's father goes to see her.)

unwillingly runs away..

unwillingly runs away..

this will be a budget eater when animated

this will be a budget eater when animated

flip horizontal, then flip vertical, then read backwards

flip horizontal, then flip vertical, then read backwards*
*edit: refer to comment of this entry on the discrepancy between how these “words” are generated between manga and anime (i.e. in 2nd OAD)

that bartender looks like some character from somewhere else.

that bartender looks like some character from somewhere else.

becomes the wild west

becomes the wild west

that's the mystery woman in some chapters back.

that’s the mystery woman in some chapters back.

danger alert

danger alert

people on forum guessed right; that's how you counter an anti-person device

people on forum guessed right; that’s how you counter an anti-person device

clearly traumatized..even when saying "....understood!"

clearly traumatized..even when saying “….understood!”

could this be the last?

could this be the last?

some might get frustrated at Jean, but I really feel bad for him (explain more later)

some might get frustrated at Jean, but I really feel bad for him (explain more later)

that's not gonna happen

that’s not gonna happen

there are many things wrong with the way things are carried out (way of securing a hostage)

there are many things wrong with the way things are carried out (way of securing a hostage)

now that's what would happen

now that’s what would happen

what follows is that panel with the black hat and blood splatters.  big tease for fans. (now if worst do happen, this will be the last panel..)

what follows is that panel with the black hat and blood splatters. big tease for fans.
(now if worst do happen, this will be the last panel..)

it's not common for Mikasa to call (in this case yell) Jean's name.  [would this also be the last? ]

it’s not common for Mikasa to call (in this case yell) Jean’s name. [would this also be the last? ]

too soon for Halloween

too soon for Halloween

reunion; this scene only get few pages out of the total 40+.

reunion; this scene only get few pages out of the total 40+.

one foot into the grave

You know after Levi, Jean actually gets so much page time in this chapter. When I read the spoilers discussion threads, a majority of people were commenting on Jean. Wow…even more than Levi. Sure, because Levi’s never shown to be in any much danger in it. Then with that leaked panel of (presumably) Jean’s hat and blood splats, everyone already knows/thinks/imagines something bad has happened to him. Way to go Isayama, you’ve got loads of people talking about Jean – which has probably never much happened before, right? Even in chapter 50, we knew (mostly) for sure that he would be fine, because he was just shown unconscious. Here, it’s a gun pointed point blank at his face. OMg.
[There are just so much to type about, but I think I will miss some in the initial posting…oh well]
In this chapter, we see right before our eyes how Jean’s mental state practically comes crashing down. (Isayama has done a great job with the facial expressions.) Just from the eyes….you can see the despair, trauma, fear, all sorts of shit. Jean is not ready for this , and technically, he wasn’t even given a chance to bail out either – remember this chapter occurs on the same day as chapter 57. People gets frustrated about Jean hesitating. We aren’t sure if he’s scared or actually being moral and having a kind soul, but I think that’s what normal human would do…especially when they aren’t trained to kill people. <- they were trained to kill titans (yea yea…that titans are actually people theory… -pushes that away for now-
No one know whether Jean’s dead or not – not until chapter 59 at least. Even then, we might jump onto another scene, away from the Levi squad, in next chapter. So it’s a tough long month of wait for Jean fans. What would piss me off is: chapter 59 – NOT Levi squad, volume 14’s released with extra pages, showing Jean’s really dead! 😐 …Although…as we all know, the back cover of each volume shows the 104th class top 10. So when volume 14 is released, readers, after finishing chapter 58 ( = end of volume 13), can be spoiled on Jean’s fate simply by looking at vol. 14’s back cover. Does that mean it’s not practical to kill off a 104th top 10 in the last chapter of a volume? (sure..Isayama can just write Jean being fatally injured in chapter 59… 😐 ) Jean maybe the weakest link of the team in this chapter, but I certainly don’t want this to be his goodbye.
Makes you wonder if Levi knows about each member’s thoughts. Of course not. This is a way of showing how a good leader should know their teammates’ weakness, as much as strength. That’s right, it’s a Jean quality.
If Jean does make this out alive, how will that happened? People threw out all sorts of possibilities:
– Armin has a gun, and shoots that enemy in the head
– Mikasa slices
– Levi/Sasha/Connie somehow helped
– Marlo/Hitch comes to rescue
I think all are possible, but that hat+blood panel really made fans worry about Jean’s fate.
[it’s late and night, and I am rambling…better pause here for now; might add more later, here, or on another entry. although for my own sake, it’d be better for me to take my mind off of this chapter for a while]

on a lighter note
They were commenting about this on 2ch threads.
(screencap of Music Station show in Japan, so, no, that’s not a cosplayer).

B/W header stays on until Mr. K.’s safety is confirmed! (those words are in (broken) SnK lingo btw)
Oh…officially 100th. woo…


8 thoughts on “C58

  1. Maria

    Yeah, Jean’s total disintegration; he completely loses it. Those facial expressions…I have never seen him so distressed and freaked out before.

    I have ranted about the topic just a couple of days ago here (foreshadowing?):
    but I’ll say it again: Jean is no killer. In a way, even if that had cost him his life, I am glad he did not pull the trigger since who knows what would have become of him later on in that case. I believe his personality might have collapsed entirely and that just would not be the same Jean.

    Ok, so he could have incapacitated the enemy in a dozen of ways but everything happened so suddenly, plus he was in an obvious denial unwilling to accept that actual harming of another
    human being would be expected form him, also I believe what really blocked him was the fact that his attacker was a woman. Remember, he is a ‘mommas’ boy raised in a good family in a safe town who up until recently thought he had it all figured out and that only easy life awaited ahead.

    In a weird way, I think he was actually prepared to die if that meant not killing somebody else.

    I too hope that Armin noticed Jean’s unfitness for the task Levi had given him and reacted in time. I believe Isayama has a lot more emotional turmoil to put Jean through, for better or for worse.

    1. vofoj

      The last time I remember him being that is in the Trost battle supply station scene. I think we all think he’d gotten over the fear – but I guess this here in 58 is a different situation.

      I agree with your post about how he’s just not a ruthless person – it’s not in him. Do I want him to develop (character-wise) into that if he survives this mishap? I’m not sure how to answer that, because this is also what makes him unique amongst his peers; but it does make sense for his character to lose some of the “humaness” after this…sad reality.

      I think the attacker being a woman AND being downed are what makes Jean choked up. He doesn’t want to kill a human being, let alone someone who seems to be defenseless (well, turns out that person wasn’t so defenseless).

      Those last panels of the scene do show the “prepared to die if that meant not killing somebody else”. He’s not even thinking of fighting back or anything (yea, I know there’s a gun being pointed at him). He just sits there and goes “ahh…. ” ..waiting for the imminent fate.

      Great that you pointed out Armin might/should have noticed the state Jean’s in. He was there last chapter when Jean spoke about his thoughts, and in this chapter Armin does seem to see Jean’s in emotional distress. and Armin being Jean’s (presumably) best alive friend, it makes sense and would be a nice touch if he does pick up on that.
      Poor Jean being one of Isayama’s favourite = being put through physical/emotional turmoil over and over again; but hey, that’s why fans like him! (and even the non-fans are concerning over his fate as seen in discussions )

  2. Maria

    Agreed, Jean could not act upon (what he perceived as) a helpless female. You know what, I applaud him for it. Yeah I know it’s a dog eat dog world and, if he were older (he’s just a teen) he would have restrained her without endangering himself and others, but in this moment puling the trigger meant destroying two lives. He is far from *ahem* some deranged individuals who are capable of repeatedly stabbing a man to death at the (tender!?) age of nine and then going on with their lives as if nothing happened. Killing a human being should ring some alarm bells in anybody who is not a psychopath and by Jean not panicky reacting and automatically pulling the trigger, I can only conclude it was more-less his desperate decision to bluff (as you pointed out) and risk being shot. He is and was well aware he doesn’t have it in him, even if it comes to life or death, and I believe that realization is what terrified him in this chapter, not the danger they were in. He got the orders, knew what was at stake and knew he could not step up to the task. And the exact thing he feared actually happened, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I would be petrified too, who wouldn’t? It if a classic tragedy stuff πŸ™‚

    I wonder if he would have pulled the trigger nevertheless if e.g. Mikasa and not him was in imminent danger, him being the protective-of-others type?

    Do you see the irony of Jean constantly announcing how he was the realist who’s got his feet on the ground, but when the reality check came (yeah, ppl kill ppl), he could just stare helplessly as it bi*chslapped him right across the face? πŸ™‚

    Which kinda brings me off-topic but to an issue I could never understand, especially having in mind the above said; crushes I can dig, infatuation at first sight kinda also, but after you have lived with somebody every day for three years, you must have noticed that your love interest has a few important screws loose i.e., disregarding the zero interest from the other side, that maybe the said person is the complete opposite of what you hold as high ideals. Ok, I guess Jean could not have known the bloody story from Eren and Mikasa’s childhood since I do not believe any of them would have told it during training (on the other hand, who knows? Eren is weird enough to be proud of it) and he wasn’t there at Eren’s trial, when this was dug out. But even without knowing the details, you would have to be blind and deaf not to figure some things out. Being the self-proclaimed realist, this is kinda OOC. Maybe Isayama wanted to spice things up between Eren and Jean as a foil character by adding the unrequited love interest frustration in the equation. IMHO she doesn’t deserve him :p

    1. vofoj

      He’d probably have fired, because for one, a friend’s life is really in danger. Unlike in this chapter – he was only caught off guard. Which …makes him a selfless person? (and to say most chatacter description has him as “selfish” )

      Well from various sources, we know he’s lived in a comfort zone for his entire life; so it’s obvious his “reality” is kind of limited in scope.

      You know in one of the page in this chapter, where Mikasa says “understood.” to Levi’s order about killing enemies? Just look at Jean’s reaction to that. Not sure if that’s saying something…but maybe it’s the first time that side of Mikasa’s shown to Jean?

      > IMHO she doesn’t deserve him
      Jean’s too nice a person for her. πŸ˜› (he’s also too nice for that heck of the world he’s in – no no, I’m not saying he should “leave” that world.. )

      kinda off topic: but after reading posts after posts on forums, I’m just glad people are talking about him for once. lol….(his character’s been taken for granted by a lot of people for a long time…< – not sure if that's the right words for ) .. or maybe he’s more popular than once thought.
      Also interesting to read all sort of theories on how he can be saved in that scene. πŸ˜› i.e. Armin hits the brake on the horses ; mam MP would get distracted by Mikasa’s yelling, etc.

      1. Maria

        You need a ‘LIKE’ button on this blog :-). Btw I love what you did with the banner inscription πŸ˜€

  3. vofoj

    Haven’t played with those settings before. There’re probably “like” buttons for individual posts I think..
    “ジャン頑弡ってジャン!” “ζ₯ζœˆε·γ§η„‘δΊ‹γ§γ„γ‚‹” ?….

    1. Maria

      はい, γγ‚Œ! The more I think about it, the more I am sure he is ok ;). If Isayama wanted to do him in, he would have shown it. He just needed a cliffhanger *crosses fingers*

      1. vofoj

        What I found is that OAD2 and manga render those SnK lingo differently. In this chapter, the bar sign reads, “γ‚Ήγƒˆγƒ˜γ‚Ήγ‚΅γ‚«γƒ (Stohess [saka-]bar) – it’s only a vertical+horizontal flip of the katakana. Jean’s mom’s letter in OAD2 adds a “reverse direction reading” to that algorithm…am confused. lol

        We know Levi’s not on Isayama’s list of favourites, so it’s kinda “evil” of him to put this Jean cliffhanger in this chapter. πŸ˜› On the positive, if Jean’s ok in next chapter, we’ll probably get 1/2 chapter of so of his “character development” scene/dialogues.


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