interview on Jean / OAD 3 news

jean_interview_auspThanks to a tip from a reader about this month’s au smartpass interview. Yes, as you can see, this month is Jean’s turn. Part 1 of 2 is now up; one can also find the screencaps in the link below:
Might take my chance to do some translation when I have time….but I think someone will perform that job better and faster. πŸ˜› (part one speaks mainly about Marco; from the initial looks of it, doesn’t seem to have too much new info?…)

a note about upcoming OAD 3
The third OAD, to be released in August, will focus on the 104th trainee days, that’s what we’ve been told. Now there are more hints as to what it would include…. That’s right, if I’m posting this here, it means Jean has at least an important part. (am really scared right now if this is the “consolation prize”..:| )
edit: over at the right side of the screencap (the one linked below), there’s a mention of “γ‚Έγƒ£γƒ³γƒœ” ...too bad the source didn’t mention which magazine the image came from. it came from July issue of PASH!



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