things we mostly knew – Jean closeup interview Pt1

Read at your own discretion, as the translation is crappy. I think we’d get the new info in part 2 of the interview? That’s coming in a week or two. These interviews and a sports event shall take me to first week of July pretty quickly. πŸ˜›
EDIT 6/16: there are missing “pages” to this part of the interview, shall get to those in later entries.

(I’m not posting the screencaps in this entry. They can be found here.)

He has that innocence look of a youngster, but also the maturity (face) of an adult – Jean is just that real of a young man.

Jean Kirstein has the same young face as everyone, though he’s also the teenager who brings with him that special determination of a soldier.
At the beginning of the interview, Jean came in, did the salute, then as if being shy, turned his head to look elsewhere.

Ain’t ordered by anyone, I decided by myself to become a Scouting Legion member.

– “kyo wa yoroshiku onegaishimasu” < = not gonna translate that

Aah…talking about me huh….there really is such person who wants to know that?

– You know everyone is very interested to know about the Jean who exceled during trainee squad days, and fought bravely after joining the SL.

Is that so…though this might not satisfy everyone’s expectation…I’ll just say what I can (think of), ‘s that alright?

– Um, of course! So, Jean can you quickly tell us your reason of joining SL?

Scouting Legion huh….actually..I didn’t have that thought from the beginning.

– Even if it’s not a willing choice, it’s quite normal to have that thought though.

I was thinking, after that battle, who’d be the next to fall casualty? I would also imagine how I could have saved that guy if I was just there..

Second part of the interview will be released as scheduled.
Jean’s stepped back when faced with a barrage of questions !?


[the chosen future is…]

– “Right now, what’s to be done?”, the origin of that really was Marco eh.. well, I felt indescribable regret and responsibility. We were in different squads…but Marco could just be alive today if he was with me.

– He was someone who really knew you well eh..

That’s right..coz just before graduating, he did say to me, “Jean is actually a weak person as well..” We’ve really been through a lot together.

– But Marco’s wish was to be a MP, wasn’t it?. Why had his death became your reason of joining the SL?

Marco once said “Jean you’re someone who knows what’s to be done in the instant”. I didn’t paid attention to that…after the battle at Trost, I slowly came to realize the meaning behind it.

– had any encouragement from Marco?

All the time…. during the trainee days, I was absolute confident in my expertise(skills). That was really naΓ―ve now to think about it…I’d feel really depressed whenever I faced even small amount of failure. During the those time, the one who stood by me, was Marco.

– what had he said to you?

He’d just quietly hang around with me. He’d respond with something affirming like “Is that so..” to my needless rants; and just listen to all my problems.

– Were there any notable incidents?

During training, tried to get the best scores, wounded; (he) became really down. Marco’s like that to anyone.

– You two chatted a lot?

Nah…how to say…back then I always made fun of top students like him…even with that, that Marco would just smile and nod. Really, I have/had no idea why Marco would be friend the kind of person (me) who’s selfish and self-centred..

– Ever fought/quarrel?

That guy just couldn’t get mad at anyone..

Marco…really was someone who’s good…someone who’s too overly good, I might say. He had that ability to see through a lot, but still believed in the good bond and spirit between people; always looking after the interest of peers. That’s how he was.

– That’s right. From the notes right here, it says “Classmate Marco Bodt’s passing became the catalyst of your decision in joining the SL.” Can I ask more about him?

….aaa. I think that’s already been asked.

As some other person had said, it’s more like a Marco interview than a Jean interview. lol…but then it does tells us a bit how Jean and Marco communicates. Marco is a listener, and that’s why he fits perfectly with Jean. The upcoming 3rd OVD should shine more light on their friendship. Many people do not like the trainee Jean, perhaps because so far in canon, the only scenes that are shown are him being in conflict with Eren, or him being an ahole/dbag – but as mentioned in this interview, Marco had managed to see through all of that and probably saw the real side of Jean. (obviously Jean’s thuggish face + his speaking style/words of choice didn’t “fool” Marco.)
Wonder what will be asked in the next part of the interview; probably about EMA? I don’t think they’ll touch on other topics..

that “whistling for horse” scene
Q and A section in the Bessatsu S.Mag., this question:
bsm14v7qaQ: In manga volume 6, Jean was worried about his horse not coming back. Was it because he had feeling/attachment to the horse which he resembles?
A: It’s a life or death situation, (pal)!


7 thoughts on “things we mostly knew – Jean closeup interview Pt1

  1. Detective Mask

    Isayama killed that question. They were at a really high risk of being killed by the Female Titan; why in the heck would Jean even think about attachment to horses?

    1. Gabriela

      I mean If were Jean I’d care, like I care about my pup. But I think that scene-panel-whatever is to show Jean’s fear to lose someone else because he recenlty lose Marco I believe(?). Similar thing whe he thought Mikasa was dead(no, I’m not comparing Mikasa to a horse ><).

      1. vofoj

        That “γ©γ†γ©γ†γ€€θ½γ‘η€γ‘γ‚ˆγ€€γƒ–γƒƒγƒ•γƒγƒ«γƒˆ” scene (though non-canon) could be the reason to that question being asked; but I think during that whistling scene he just wanted Buchwald to come and get him out of that hell hole ( < = a bit over-exaggerated ).

    2. vofoj

      Some fans are so into the whole “horse face” reference…which gives rise to such questions. ah well, least it (the question) gives us some laughs. …

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