what catches him off guard

This is NOT the second part of that au smartpass interview. The one posted in the last entry was missing some pages (well, it is a bit obvious as the whole thing was just about Marco). Here’s an additional “page” – it’s about Mikasa. Not that it’s a surprise.
I think I have an overall idea of the dialogue lines. The translation below won’t be word by word though; as someone had mentioned before, Jean’s way of speech is quite slang-ish = difficult to translate.

There are good number of questions in regards to classmate Mikasa.
Who the heck asked about that! What’d (they) want to know!(?)
– Eeeh….say, what’s your first thought (of Mikasa? )
S..she’s just a normal classmate…
– Here’s a question of “Please tell us about Mikasa’s attractiveness.”
That hah! Beautiful hair, face; cute even with a slight lacking in the speech department… Why the hell am I answering to that !?

Nothing new that we didn’t know. Makes me wonder what will the 2nd part be about.

still weeks to go
The discussion on the chapter has died down quite a bit – of course, it’s been over a week, what’s to be talked about has probably already been discussed over and over again.
Still about Jean’s future in the story. OK, we have established countless theories/possibilities of how he will survive that close call in chapter 58; but I’ve read comment about how he can still exit from the story even if he lives.
Maybe not the story, but leaving the group? From what we’ve came to know about Jean, it’s a given he hates to be a burden to anyone. Burden not because his physical abilities, but rather his difference in ideals. He will probably blame himself over and over again after this incident for putting the team (or just him? ) in danger. He might disappear from the story say half a year, and return after he has himself sorted out? (I am discounting the fact he’s also a fugitive…)
Of course the other scenario would just be him realizing he has to kill humans from now on. Even though that produces the best overall outcome for fans – because he will remain active in the story, but somehow it just seems way too easy… and as much as I hate to say, he needs some sort of timeout; just for him to sort things out.
Oh well, crazy thoughts end here.

original vs. anime
Armin once said Eren and Jean have thuggish faces – or rather rage-ful look in their eyes. I’m not sure if this picture (below) is accurate on how he’s drawn in the manga and the anime; but I think we can tell the difference.
Ranking would probably be: current manga > anime > older manga chapters. I feel the manga’s art gives a different impression of Jean than the anime’s. Strange…

So why are there talks about possible new character being introduced into the story? I sure hope that doesn’t mean a removal of current character(s)//


12 thoughts on “what catches him off guard

  1. Anonymous

    Didn’t Isayama say in that comment that he will introduce new characters because the current ones he has aren’t suited to play certain roles? Or that’s what the anon on 4chan translated at least. Plus he did hint that he planned to have a character do a certain thing but then s/he did the opposite.

    1. vofoj

      yea, but I’ve only read the one about “a character do a certain thing but then s/he did the opposite”, and not the new character thing. wonder what’d be the new character’s role..

  2. Maria

    Interesting theory and I agree; if he lives (which I believe he will) some things ought to change… either his cooperation or his standpoint. I wonder…

    1. vofoj

      Part of me wants him to go with the flow and start killing people (damn..that sounds so wrong). But I don’t think it’s good for his character if he’s to discard what’s unique about him all along – especially this ‘early’ in the story (from what we’ve heard, the manga could continue up to 25 volumes) – what’s left for further character growth if that’s the case?

  3. Anonymous

    I kinda like the idea of Jean leaving for awhile and figuring out how to handle everything. As much as I want to see him continue on with the group, I think it could negatively impact his character because his morality is one of things that is unique about Jean. It’d be a shame if that was taken away from him. If he does leave (if he survives first…he better survive…my favorite character), then I can assume he’ll be coming back with much more development. Also, it might give Connie and Sasha a chance to develop further because they do get eclipsed by Jean I think.

    1. vofoj

      The big obstacle to that remains his current status as member of the SL. Where can he go if he does take an absence from the team? I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to return home either; not to mention the possible difficulty of travelling from Stohess to Trost.
      Much of the attention in the past chapter has been on Levi (and Kenny) and Jean. I am curious on Connie and Sasha’s take on the event.
      Though…I can’t see Connie being developed any further without RBA(Y) coming back into the story. Also one of the reason Jean overshadows the two is because he has connections with all three of EMA trio.

  4. Detective Mask

    I really think that theory has a slight possibility. I did have the feeling that if Jean does end up being saved by Armin, he might feel ashamed about how weak and helpless he had to be. But for him to leave the group just doesn’t sound right to me at the moment, though it has some good points.

    Interesting comparison with the manga and the anime Jean. It might just be me, but I think the anime version shows more of the “angry look” than the manga. Of course, that may be because I saw more of the anime and less of the manga.

    The differences do make me wonder if fangirls and fanboys would’ve been more crazy/obsessed/infatuated over the anime Jean had he looked more similar with the manga version. Based on the fan art I’ve browsed so far, I hardly see any works that really follow the look of the manga Jean.

    1. vofoj

      People tend to forget Jean’s actually quite insecure about his own abilities. The only time he “bragged” was on things he’s good at (3dmg skills). So this incident will certainly be a big blow on him (no pun intended).

      Yes, “angry look”, maybe more “mature/older” as well. Manga version resembles more to a teenager. I’m sure people would think Jean’s in his 20s, just from the anime.
      I guess the manga version is harder to mimic? or maybe because the anime version is more “bishounen-esque” (some scenes).

  5. Anonymous

    This is an interesting theory. Do you think that the others’ reactions to Jean’s hesitation could influence him to stay or leave? Happy he’s ok vs. Lashing out at him. Or some combination of the two.

    1. vofoj

      I think Armin and Levi’s reactions could have an influence on his decision; but so far, in the story, he made his own decision – example, decision to join the SL. The one that has the highest possibility of lashing out at him should be Levi; even though I see more of a “I respect whatever’s your decision” from him. (lol…yea..I wish Levi would show his more human side here)
      Would be interesting to hear what Mikasa has to say (if she’d gonna say anything about that).
      [A bigger twist would be instead either Connie or Sasha leaving the team because of what happened here!]

      1. Maria

        I think Mikasa will be the one saving him :). Also, I don’t think Levi has any right to lash out at anybody when he was the one leading the killers straight to the group instead of serving as a decoy and dispatching them one by one.

        I wonder, if Jean survives, will he still think of himself as a leader?

        1. vofoj

          Although a lot of people suggest Armin will do the saving. 😛 ..or maybe combination of both..
          lol..the whole situation gives an image in my head of someone chased by hoards of killer bees, ran towards their friends..but Jean did say “understood” at Levi’s orders, so it’s not entirely Levi’s fault….hmm…though I don’t think Jean had much choice there anyways.

          Jean never did explicitly stated himself as a leader, I think. He sort of filled into that role subconsciously. Jean’s still a good leader…but as we know about the real deal behind those titans, it’s best for him to deal with “human as enemies” dilemma right now rather than later.


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