something less tense for the wait

I think this is the first one of the few times that this spinoff parody relates to actual events in the manga proper. This week’s sungeki is about the new Levi squad – that’s right, Mikasa’s still wounded from that titan grip (and which Jean saved her from)
[OVD3 is gonna be about the trainee days. I do wish they’d do one about the new Levi squad in the very distant future <- though I don't think it's really technical possible because of the timeframe of the story..].

by hounori ; read the whole thing at that website (follow url of picture)

by hounori ; read the whole thing at that website (follow url of picture)

So in this week’s sungeki, Eren brings Mikasa an apple. She wants him to peel it for her. He goes to ask Sasha for help, saying he’s awful at it. Jean later also brings an apple, peels it (creatively). Mikasa “similarly” does what Jean did and brings it to Eren, asking what the pieces resemble to. Eren says…
From omelette to apple, what’s next?

second item of the week
From early 2ch comments, looks like the 2nd part of the au smartpass Jean interview touches on something related to his mom? or OAD2 related? Shall have to wait for the caps for confirmation – probably in two days time.
Yea…people on 2ch also commented on thuggish eyes. Well, this is just the scene in chapter 51 with that chat with Sasha about her imoonna nickname. Good times. Let’s hope that’s not the last time.

UPDATE: oh look, the first cap of second half of the interview…
and a full version of that front page picture can be found here on the official tweet.
UPDATE 2: another one. being asked about his “bad guy” face?..also from that bit at the bottom, something about what Armin said in a previous close-up interview.


6 thoughts on “something less tense for the wait

  1. vilepriestess

    Actually a previous comic was also about Levi squad 2. Eren had a cavity and everyone was trying to help. It was also the introduction of the jerk!Historia characterization.

    1. admin

      oh…which chapter? I think I have to search it on phone…edit: found it, chapter 20? and that’s also the week of April 7. good timing.

  2. ifurita

    I saw that you updated the bit about the AU interview. If I had to make an educated guess about the Armin part (since I read a summary for his interview) I’d say that it could be about the following things:

    His response to being asked about Jean finding his closeness with Eren creepy. (Armin said it was Jean’s problem if he thought that.)

    Or it is about what Armin thinks of Jean: Armin said that during trainee days, he considered Jean’s attempts to get with Mikasa futile even if he thought Jean capable. But presently, Armin sees Jean as a comrade he can trust because Jean acknowledges him (I always interpreted that “acknowledge” part as “respect”).

    Watch it be something completely different, but yeah, the Armin interview did touch on his friendship with Jean a bit.

    1. vofoj

      I found more scans of the interview’s 2nd part…but it’s like a page here and a page there (from different people). I’ll wait and see if someone has a more comprehensive collection of the entire interview pages scans.
      Anyways, about the “Armin said that during trainee days, he considered Jean’s attempts to get with Mikasa futile even if he thought Jean capable.” ..I’ve read about that as well, but I didn’t know the “thought Jean capable” was about his attempt on Mikasa. Probably something lost in translation.. Also read about “wheels/gears running empty”…and I think/thought that’s about Jean’s training.

      1. ifurita

        Ah, I see. Yeah I also hope that we’ll eventually get a more comprehensive version of his interview. I only know that there’s an alternate translation of the Marco portion of his interview floating around on tumblr..

        Nah, I agree that “capable” probably wasn’t related to his crush on Mikasa. Armin probably meant that Jean was good at 3DMG or just a good student in general.
        And “wheels/gears running empty…” hmmm, this is just a guesswork but maybe a remark about how it’s a waste of talent for someone like Jean to go to the MP? I wish I knew Japanese hahaha.

        1. vofoj

          So I found that comment from Armin, shown here # 505 , “ジャンは訓練兵の頃、能力はあるけど空回りしてる印象。最近はちょっと変わってきた。” ~= “during the trainee times, Jean has the ability (gifted/talented?), but didn’t put into use. seems like “wheels/gears running empty” ; but recently that’s changed.”
          Makes me wonder if he could’ve been ranked much higher than 6th.


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