whenever he’s with

Getting closer to July 9th, hopefully there will be (good) answer to the question some fans have been asking over and over again for the past month.
Will it be Armin who does the save (again). He has technically saved/protected Jean at least twice, as people have mentioned. Although…if we put it in other way, Jean seems to had pretty crap luck whenever he’s teamed with Armin? …which I won’t complain, as long Armin’s also the one who helped him out at the end.

volume 6
I think many have forgotten that Jean’s in trouble here because he went to protect Armin in the first place. But anyways…

volume 12
Yep, he was with Armin, and a titan somehow fell on him. Must be coincidence.

volume 14
Armin’s driving the carriage, Jean’s on it. Off all people, Jean’s chosen to be on there. Now we have to wait and see how this ends in chapter 59.

Not a scientific observation – though one has to wonder if those are what Isayama’s planned for these two in terms of their friendship and such. Do hope to see this for many more chapters to come, but wish the roles can be reversed sometime – or maybe not, I think Jean’s life will be in much great danger if Isayama plans for him to really managed to save Armin somewhere down the story.

v14oad3cvOAD 3’s cover. Enough said. On an interview (I think it was from animage june 2014 issue ? ), the producer mentioned it will be completely anime original material; and “Eren, Mikasa, and Armin will look slightly younger than in the main story” ?…so they’ll have to do some new characters design style sheets? But from this cover, Eren looks the same. oh well.

Editor’s reaction to upcoming chapter is “おっ!”…that basically says nothing. It can be a “Oo! That’s it? That’s how you send him off? Just like that?”, or “Oo! so THAT person .. “. Of course I’d prefer the second thing to happen; and as much as I hate to see some character leave, after nearly a month, that cliffhanger effect has died off quite a bit.


12 thoughts on “whenever he’s with

  1. vilepriestess

    Lol, to be fair, whenever Jean’s with Armin, he has gotten in danger because of his own choices (the frist two times was him losing his head out of concern for Armin and then Eren+Mikasa and as a result getting reckless because of it).
    And the current situation is also a result of what Jean chose to do which is hold on to this beliefs/morals.
    Up until this point, Armin has protected Jean from the fallout of his own flaws.

    And yeah, I’ve also pondered wherether Jean will ever return the favor and if so, at what cost. Either way, their relationship is incredibly interesting to me and I wonder what it’s ultimate outcome will be since I can see it going severaly ways.

    1. vofoj

      Perhaps can put it as Jean getting himself in danger whenever he’s with Armin. lol…or Isayama planted Armin to be there (to protect? to get some “character development” ? ) 😛

      I don’t think the repayment has to be about saving from physical danger. It will be more interesting if it’s to save from say emotional/mental relationship/friendship crisis..yea..stuff like those. That’s more of Jean’s (hidden) forte anyways.

      1. vilepriestess

        Who knows? But at this point it seems like Isayama is deliberately developing their relationship. Or at least it looks like he has some goal in mind for it.

        I’d like that. I always enjoy it when they have some sort of chat, and it would be interesting to see how Jean approaches Armin, since so far, he has been more one to motivate Eren.

        1. vofoj Post author

          I’m just happy he’s including Jean with the EMA trio. That should at least shut up those who say his character is “irrelevant”.
          Jean has doubted Armin’s way of thinking, but I don’t see him imposing his own on him. Kinda different to how he confronts Eren. Probably he trusts Armin’s judgement/intelligence….but I’d like him to act as counter-balance for Armin – which means he will have to be more assertive when it’s the right time to do so.

          1. vilepriestess

            The thing with Jean is that his significance in the story was always more of a thematic and “influence/challenge others” thing rather than being a big plot-moving character. He’s meant to represent the average person, with all the flaws that entails, plus he is sort of a counter-balance to EMA who have a survivor mentality and tons of extreme trauma.

            I agree. Jean is more… careful/less rough with Armin, probably because he trusts him and respects him. And yeah, him being Armin’s counter-balance is one way I can see their relationship play out. If the prediction that Armin kills the MP woman comes true, it’ll be interesting to see how his relationship with Jean will be affected by that.

  2. jeanathan

    One thing is for sure, If Jean dies, I will die. It’s that simple. If he (Isayama) kills Jean, I will commit suicide. Can you have that on your conscience Isayama?!

    No, but seriously I will kill myself.

    Anyway. I think Jean is the best character in the series, Being how his character is the most developed one besides Armin. Armin is just about to spread his wings, It feels like he will at least. Only if he saves Jean and kills the MP.

    I don’t know about you, but people that keep saying that Levi and Mikasa are the best characters probably don’t know good storybuilding. Seeing how both Levi and Mikasa are really underdeveloped because they are the most “badass” characters.

    Imagine creating characters that are so good they become mundane, It’s really hard to develop a character that is cold-hearted and obsessed with things. People who have lost who they are and only focus on doing what the need to do.

    Jean really has alot of options ahead of him, And I hope he keeps his humanity and keep fighting for what he believes in.


    Kirstein Squad!

    I don’t see Jean being effective protecting Eren and Krista, his real skills are his leadership and tactics.

    And for the love of god, survive Jean! Survive!

    1. admin

      we’ll be getting the answer soon. no need to panic. 😛

      SnK is a shounen manga after all, and that’s why the most popular characters would be the “badass” ones, and with “cool demeanor” personality. Levi and Mikasa fit right into those traits. Jean’s character isn’t about perfection, but being human (aka “real” ) – about the exact opposite as Levi’s (or…we’ll find out…) .


      I hope some of those “fake” leaks are real. Then it means he will be getting hold of himself and take charge to lead the group during this chaos. Is there any better time to put his skill into good use than now (being pursued by enemy killers) ?

      p.s. kinda saddening to see people who want him dead…you’ll never see the same for other characters..

      1. Anonymous

        That would be so cool if Jean took charge! It would be an awesome way to show off his leadership potential and natural skill. It is sad seeing some people who want him dead, but I think he has gotten much more popular lately. Do you think readers would be making as big of a fuss if it was Connie or possibly Sasha (I know she has quite the fan base) staring down the barrel of a gun? I think most of the people who want him dead just want to see one of the main cast die.

        1. admin

          Another reason being, Jean was heavily “promoted” in the anime, relative to other “side” characters. So to them, it means Jean, not being the main trio, is supposed to share equal screentime as all other “side” characters. Pure jealousy I’d say.
          As for Connie and (especially) Sasha, I rarely see any so called “hate” towards them.

          1. Anonymous

            Jean seems to land in a grey area. More than a side character yet not a main character. I agree that jealousy is a key factor for the hatred towards him. I know someone who dislikes Jean because she thinks that Jean is slowly taking Eren’s place as Armin’s closest friend (Jean better survive because this slow-build friendship development with Armin is very interesting). Oh well. Haters will hate, I suppose. Lucky for Jean, he has crazy loyal fans like us, lol.

            Also, thanks so much for making this blog! Jean needs more love.

            1. ifurita

              I wouldn’t say that Jean hate is everywhere or that it is that bad. First off, the main hub of Jean hatred is on 4chan, and outside of it you find very little.

              Second, he is popular both in the west and in Japan from what I saw.

              That being said, I agree that a good chunk of hatred towards him does stem from anger over him getting as much focus/promotion as he does. Plus, he isn’t some strong torturer/badass/stone-cold killer, so his unwillingness to kill marks him as pussy in the eyes of some (because God forbid that someone be soft and value human life).


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