Either he’s very mission focused or… / Interview pt2 (partial)

konoumaduraWe have in the recent chapter, Hitch yelling “You horse face. gaaahhh” at Jean while whacking him with big wooden stick. While many have noted about his supposed head wound disappeared in the last few panels, most have overlooked the fact that he did not respond in anyways to that “horse face” nickname. Found the original Japanese raw, and took a look at the words in that panel. So she only called him horse face, and not “horse faced freak” as in the English translation. Then also the fact that Eren never called him “horse face” in front of him, makes you wonder if he really care/mind about that nickname. Though I guess he’d be riled up if Eren says it, just because it’s Eren.
Or you could say he just had a temporary memory loss from that hit on the head.

bakavshanpamonoLet’s not forget also that Jean admitted he’s an idiot..?! Wow…really?…he said that? Not sure if that was an OOC moment. Again, flipping to the Japanese pages, he used バカ (baka) when describing Eren, and 半端者 (hanpa-mono) for himself and Marlo. I guess they have slightly different meanings? “idiot” vs. “halfwit/blockhead”..

pieces of the 2nd half of the au closeup interview
It’s been over half a month since the 2nd half of that Jean closeup interview came out, and even this month’s Annie interview had came. No one has yet posted the entire content of it. Still, managed to scour some of it from the twitter verse:
*again, excuse for the F-grade translation attempt

auint2-1– Ehh…it asks about “(Are you) really a mazakon?”
Why bring out that “Babaa” topic in here! I’m gonna get that bastard who asked this!”

auint2-2what’s with this never ending.. (?)..whatever…is it just asking about my mom?
– What are your thoughts (on that/question) ?
– Yes?
…(I) like omelette. Sometimes I’ll try to make it myself. That’s all I’m gonna say (to that question)!
– Ahh. So, beside family, we’d like to ask about your relationship with your classmates. Other than Miksa, and Marco, we have question about (your) impression on Armin.

Armin __ , movement/motion _ ______ [page cut off]

auint2-3– Say, what do you wish for when humanity is free from the titans?
…(I’m) different from that suicidal idiot, it’s not good to imagine about such unrealistic thing.
– (You) can still give some thoughts and imagination on it…
Hm..If the titans are gone, there won’t be anymore needless deaths of families and friends. That’s right, that’s all I ask for. Just wish the ones I care about can really live in peace.
picture caption: (This is the real(/usual) world.)
– (You are) considerate person.

That’s not all of it. Shall post the others once I get a chance to do the translations…
EDIT: (bits and pieces of) part ONE of the interview can be found here, and here.

It’s been a year
This blog was started in last year’s July (7/13 to be precise) – and what perfect timing it was; because what followed was 13 months of consecutive Jean appearances in the manga – and eventful it was for our horse-face guy who’s not really a horse.
1yr_vol121yr_vol131yr_vol14He saved Mikasa by stabbing a titan in the eye (volume 12), disguised as Eren again (volume 13), and nearly had his face blown off (volume 14). That sums things up pretty well? Ah….now the next chapter might involve the team infiltrating the centralMP quarters. It seems cliché if they are successful in retrieving Eren and Historia, but it’s also tiring to see them lose another fight (not war) again.
Now why do I have a feeling that they’ll get Eren, but Historia will get someone killed?… (backstab, literally, or whatever..)

Hm…felt like freshen up the blog a bit for the one year mark. While doing that (don’t ask me why), I was thinking where and how does the centralMP recruit its members? is it possible to have non-top 10s in it? and is it possible to have 104th class from other districts in there?


3 thoughts on “Either he’s very mission focused or… / Interview pt2 (partial)

  1. Ifurita

    Thanks for the translation! Have you already seen this part of the interview (sorry if it’s something old):

    1. vofoj

      Haha…yea..I have that part also, will get to that in later entries. 😛 (or maybe passerby visitors might want to take an attempt in translating it. 🙂 )

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