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frauqaRemember in an interview when asked about his favourite character, Isayama said it to be Jean? He then said in a fans meeting session that Ymir is a character he likes; then in a ranking show earlier this year Ymir and Jean are placed within his top 5 favourites?
In yet another interview in this month’s FRau magazine, we get a confirmation that those character choices weren’t just Isayama’s “pick-of-the-month”. He was asked ‘which of the characters do you enjoying drawing the most’, to that he answered ‘Jean and Ymir’. Rejoice Jean and Ymir fans? I think that matters more than just being his favourite, because that means more stories (= in-depth development) for them, (and hopefully gives them better chance of surviving.) 😛 (sure…that’s wishful thinking sort of; but it’s different between killing your favourites vs. killing something that you enjoy working on)
Thoughts: in the Trost and FT arc, Jean gets the panels, in Utgard, Ymir gets the attention and Jean’s…at least the clash of titan chapters have both of them.

a far-fetched tie in to recent event

So..Germany won. Speaking about “football”/soccer, I think on an episode of some variety show in Japan, they’ve listed out the soccer players the Japanese likes. #63 is… “Buchwald” ? I think … that’s why Jean’s horse was given that name in the anime. Staff likes soccer, and because of the Germanic setting of SnK,… the rest you can fill in. ( #69 in that screenshot is probably Thomas Müller ) …will also wait to see that episode 18 in English dub.

hat? vest? what?!
porkpiehatTotal randomness, but what’s the joke about Jean’s (short-lived) hat/fedora? [though it seems that’s more of a “pork pie hat” than a fedora] ..ah…and …. “suit vest”..?

sungeki 33
sungeki33Have been interested to know what Marco thinks of Jean, other than having “leadership quality”. See in this week’s sungeki, Jean mocks Marco for being afraid of ghost (well we know he was just joking with Marco, but that was still being an arse to most people). We’ve read Jean’s side of the story on the friendship between him and Marco; I wish we can also read Marco’s side of it – since it seems (according to Jean) he understands Jean the most.
And this week’s sungeki also plays into the (my) headcannon of Jean being friends-needing. But I think ever since the Trost battle, him joining the SL, and how he’s toned down on his attitude, I don’t see it being that difficult for him to have good friends.

a continuation to that closeup interview, next week, hopefully.


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